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Can Valorant Compete With CS GO In ESports?

A few years ago, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was the undisputed leader among tactical team-based shooters and had no competitors, but two years ago, Valorant appeared.

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May 12, 20233 Shares186 Views
A few years ago, Counter-Strike: GlobalOffensive was the undisputed leader among tactical team-based shooters and had no competitors, but two years ago, Valorant appeared.
Over the past two years, Riot's game has gone through a period of growth, continues to develop, and is on the verge of switching to the franchise system, which should further strengthen its position in the world of Valorant Bet Vulkanesports. Perhaps it's time to see how the promising newcomer can compete with the genre leader.

What games have unique advantages?

Valve loves an open ecosystem. The company has almost no influence on the development of the game, allows independent tournament operators to hold tournaments, does not ban even very dubious sponsors, is not against bettingon esports, and even outsources its tournaments to others, making only superficial regulation. Valve only has to update the game and make money, all the dirty work of development is done by mercenaries and volunteers.
Competitors - Riot Games, on the contrary, is used to controlling everything. In its completely closed system, third-party servers are impossible, and a special department of the company deals with all top-level esports.

Number of tournaments in 2022

  • CS:GO - 98
  • Valorant - 18
The difference is really impressive. However, there is another difference.
All the major Valorant tournaments were organised by Riot, while there are tournaments from third-party organisers, but they offer meagre prizes compared to the official ones. This is due to a large number of restrictions for third-party organisers, which makes Valorant uninteresting from a commercial point of view. In fact, the existence of eSports in the game is ensured exclusively by the game developer.
At the same time, 98 CS:GO tournaments took place in 2022, all of which were held by third-party organisers and only at the Major and RMR before it, with the game developer providing some money. This shows the independence of the game ecosystem from its developer. Essentially, we can see that CS:GO can exist without Valve, while such an existence is impossible for Valorant.

Prize money drawn for 2022

  • CS:GO - $9,461,228
  • Valorant - $3,537,640
CS:GO prize money is three times higher than that of Valorant. Riot's less competitive game looks quite attractive. However, it should be remembered that the prizes are distributed not among many dozens of tournaments, but among several championships from Riot, which means that the chances of winning something for mediocre teams are very small.

Online games

  • CS:GO - 500-600 thousand online users
  • Valorant - 700-900 thousand online users
According to statistics, Valorant is already more popular among players at e-sport bet Vulkanbetsite, but the popularity of the game is not the popularity of esports here. CS:GO has a long history and a huge fan base that has been accumulated over decades.
The most relevant indicators of the popularity of the game as an esports discipline are the attendance rates of broadcasts of the most important esports events.
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