Star Wars has been all the rage ever since the late 70s which, when you think about it, is an incredible achievement, rivalled only by, I don’t know… ABBA?

There’s always something new to dive into with the Star Wars universe and while its rich and vast history would keep most busy until the Septembers of their lives, sometimes it can all get a bit samey.

Let’s be honest here; even George Lucas himself has said it, and beyond him, more have reiterated that – although love by adults – Star Wars is mostly aimed at kids.

jar jar binks cardsa against humanity

As adults, sometimes we want something more risqué and while a darker world in Star Wars has been alluded to in The Mandalorian and people trying to sell Obi Wan deathsticks, everything can seem a bit child-friendly in that galaxy far, far away.

Get your Cards Against Star Wars Set here and join the Dark Side!

Until now, that is, as Cards Against Star Wars is here and it looks to flip the whole genre on its head, proving that everyone really belongs on the Dark Side.

The game is almost exactly what you think it is, with the general, insanely rude themes of Cards Against Humanity clashing with the Star Wars universe, leading to some pretty hilarious card combinations.

Offend everyone in the galaxy with your own Cards Against Star Wars!

Let’s say for example the host reads the Blue Card “After blowing up the Death Star the Rebels celebrated with ____________” your answers could range from “getting an erection in a Storm Trooper suit,” to “exposing yourself in front of a school of Jedi younglings.

cards against star wars

I mean you definitely get the idea…

Sadly you can’t get this game in your local W.H.Smiths, but you can right here, with 50% off, bringing it to £29.95.

For that, you will be sent a box of 922 playing cards in total; 325 dark blue cards and 597 white cards.

Do NOT play this game with your Star Wars-loving nephew!

Be warned though, Cards Against Star Wars comes with the disclaimer “Not for the easily offended and sensitive.”

You’ll want to act fast if you want Cards Against Star Wars with 50% off and if you’re worried about it getting to you, rest assured that it ships worldwide, with a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy.

I can guarantee that you will be happy though…