A cat has appeared to fall out of the sky, knocking an old man out while his dog watched in shock.

It’s a tale as old as time, really. When they’re not with the fiddle, cats are constantly falling out of the sky and onto OAPs. We shouldn’t laugh really – the man was hospitalised – but thankfully he’s okay now (more or less).

In surveillance footage, Gao Fenghua can be seen having a leisurely stroll in the city of Harbin in the north-eastern Chinese province of Heilongjiang, when a cat falls out of the sky (presumably from a building) and lands straight onto his head, knocking him clean out.

That’s when Fenghua’s dog – who is wearing shoes – begins to panic and tries to check on his owner, clearly distressed that he’s incapacitated. Following that, the dog then corners the cat up against a building so it can’t scamper off.

What’s perhaps most shocking is that almost no-one goes to help the man. Someone in green has a full view of what happened and all they could do is slowly back off while looking shocked and confused.

Not helpful at all.

Fenghua spent the following 23 days in hospital before being discharged last week. He’s not completely mended though, as he still has to undergo physiotherapy treatment, according to Harbin TV.

The cat allegedly belongs to Fenghua’s neighbour, identified as Mr. Yu, according to the old man’s son Gao Zhengzhong. The two families are now working together to reach an agreement on compensation for the incident, although it’s unclear whether the authorities are involved in the discussions.

Let’s hope that Mr Gao Fenghua recovers as speedily as possible, and that no further cats fall from the sky.

Not a lot to ask, is it?