The hit reality show is coming to the UK and the production company are asking people to step forward with their stories and star in the dramatic programme.

Many have enjoyed the reality documentary series Catfish, but have wanted the programme to cross the pond and tackle cases of online relationships that are based on lies. The show focuses on people who create false profiles to interact with someone, naturally, this can lead to some pretty interesting storylines in the show as their true identity is revealed. Fans in the UK are now being asked to bring forward their suspicions as the show is set to begin production with a British focus.

A tweet from the official Twitter account for the show has already begun exciting fans, with a number expressing their desire to appear on the programme.


Despite the early excitement surrounding the UK version of the reality series, it is still unclear how it will compare to the original programme.

The hosts of the American series, Nev and Kamie, have not confirmed that they will appear but this early advert does suggest that the premise of the show will remain unchanged when it begins production.

Either way, people who have always wondered about an online friend will want to apply and find out the truth.

Let’s hope the series is just as good in the UK!


Image via Alamy