Yes, I know, it’s only September, but a lot of companies have announced and released their advent calendars ready for Christmas and LEGO are no exception.

Adding a little extra magic to Christmas, LEGO are going for a Harry Potter-themed advent calendar. Get on your broomsticks, though, you don’t want to be stepping on any of it.


With 24 doors to open, it features more than 300 pieces, including all your favourite characters as minifigures dressed up in Christmas outfits.


The seven minifigures include Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Albus Dumbledore, Professor Flitwick and the Hogwarts architect. Even a little Hedwig figure is hiding behind one of the doors. Here’s hoping Dumbledore will be at number 10 (politics is too crazy right now, I couldn’t resist)!


You’ll also find models of iconic Hogwarts features such as a mini Hogwarts Express, a buildable fireplace filled with decorations, the Grand Hall table with accessories, and a statue with all 4 house crests.


As Christmas gets closer and more doors are opened, there are so many more opportunities to let your imagination go wild. Recreate scenes from the films. Recreate scenes from the books. Or simply make it up as you go along. This advent calendar is great for kids and kidults who want to live in the Wizarding World.

The calendar will set you back £24.99 at the LEGO Store, Amazon, and John Lewis. You’d better get yours soon because they’re known to sell out pretty quickly.

BRB. Off to the LEGO Store before they run out!

Looking for different Harry Potter advent calendars?

If LEGO’s not your thing, but Harry Potter is, you can get your hands on a Harry Potter advent calendar from Fortnum and Masons with a range of different presents. You can find yourself some socks, jewellery, temporary tattoos and more in that one. Although it might not be worth the £36.99 you’re paying for it…


Or, for the more grown-up Potterheads, you can indulge in a Harry Potter Beauty advent calendar from Boots. This one will set you back £35, but includes the full 25 doors! Which means you’re paying just over £1 for each door, and you don’t half get some great stuff!

Sometimes I miss the good old days when advent calendars were just chocolate. But then I remember I still get a chocolate advent calendar, except it only lasts me to 1st December if I’m lucky. Oops…

Merry Christmas everyone? Can I say that yet?

Images via LEGO