CGI Experts Make An R-Rated ‘Home Alone’ And The Injuries Are Brutally Violent

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Film
Published 20.09.19

These CGI experts gave Harry and Marv from Home Alone realistic injuries and honestly, they’re horrifying.

It’s long been established now that Kevin McCallister is a home protection mastermind, the likes of which the world had never seen before and has never seen since.

Sure, the news that Disney plan on remaking the classic film series for their upcoming streaming service Disney+ makes us think that we could see something of a similar ilk, but I sincerely doubt that.


The thing is, while Culkin was a cute little kid when he was left in his home while his family travelled away to celebrate Christmas, he is utterly and unequivocally a cold-blooded killer who needs to be stopped.

Shooting someone in the face or dropping a hot iron on them from 20 feet up are both fatal blows, and McCallister is intensely lucky that both Harry and Marv seemed to have superhuman invulnerability.

But what if they didn’t? What if Kevin’s traps injured the burglars like they would real people? What kind of bloodbath could we expect there?


Well, the mercurial geniuses over at Corridor Crew sought to find out, and used their CGI knowhow to remake the boobytrap scenes. And my god, they’re terrifying…


Absolutely brutal. Hard to watch.

I mean it goes without saying that both those set’s of twins are super dead, and McCallister somehow got away with it.

He’s always five steps ahead, the b*stard.



Not quite your normal family Christmas romp…

Images via Disney, Corridor