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Chainless Bicycle Project - How Does It Work?

The chainless bicycle project or shaft-driven bicycle was designed to allow users to rotate the rear wheels of a two-wheeled vehicle equipped with a propeller shaft.

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The chainless bicycle projector shaft-driven bicycle was designed to allow users to rotate the rear wheels of a bike equipped with a propeller shaft.
Chain drive power transmission is the oldest and most widely used method for bicycles.
In this article, we have implemented a chainless transmission on your bicycle to overcome various shortcomings of chain-driven technology.
Orange and black chainless bicycle in a garden
Orange and black chainless bicycle in a garden

Chainless Bicycle Project Abstract And Its Working

Shaft-driven bikes were introduced over a century ago, but have been largely replaced by chain-driven bicycles due to the gear range possible with sprockets and bicycle derailleurs.
Recently, advances in internal gear technology have introduced a small number of the latest shaft-driven bicycles.
Generally, two-wheeler vehicles use the chain and sprocket method to drive the rear wheels. The shaft drive only needs to be lubricated regularly with a grease gun to keep the gear running smoothly.
Shaft Driven Bicycles are bicycles that use shaft drive instead of chains and include two sets of roller bearings at each end to provide a new type of bicycle transmission system that provides a reliable and safer system.
Shaft-driven bicycles include the pinion drive shaft system, which is a traditional bicycle with a chainring. The pinion meshes with another roller bearing mounted on the drive shaft.
By using roller bearings, the axis of the pedal drive torque can be rotated 90 degrees. The driveshaft has a separate roller bearing near the rear hub that meshes with the hub pinion, which is on a traditional bicycle, and cancels the initial torque change on the axle.
3D drawing of black and blue chainless bicycle
3D drawing of black and blue chainless bicycle
The wheel moves back and forth according to the direction of the movement of the pedal. This eliminates the use of chain and sprocket methods.
This "chainless" drive system ensures a smooth, quiet, and efficient transfer of energy from the pedals to the rear wheels. Looks more attractive than a chain-driven bike. This is an alternative to the traditional method.
The vehicle driveshaft transfers power from the engine to the differential gear of the rear-wheel-drive vehicle.
Since the natural bending frequency of the shaft is inversely proportional to the square of the beam length and proportional to the square root of the specific modulus, the drive shaft is usually composed of two parts to increase the basic natural bending frequency. And it also reduces fuel efficiency.
Therefore, a one-piece drive shaft is preferred here, and its material is considered to be a titanium alloy due to its high strength and low density.
The drive shaft is a torque carrier and is subject to torsional and shear stresses equal to the difference between the input torque and the load.
Therefore, it must be strong enough to withstand the load without putting too much weight on it. This increases the inertia.

Chainless Bicycle Project Pdf

The pdf of the chainless bicycle project is also available on the internet. This pdf contains the whole summary of how this bicycle works. The principle, the physics behind this bicycle, and some information about shaft drive too. You can also check it out.
A man wearing black sportswear and riding a chainless bicycle
A man wearing black sportswear and riding a chainless bicycle

Advantages Of Chainless Bicycle Project

  • Driven (shaft) are lighter than traditional drivetrains due to the elimination of chains and bicycle derailleurs.
  • The possibility of the aerodynamic effect is high.
  • Generally, less friction, eliminating chain-link stiction and chain slip friction.
  • Infinite possibilities for gear selection options for 1x gear.
  • You can increase or decrease the overall final drive ratio using different diameter front and rear pinions.
  • The drive system is less likely to be constrained, which is a common problem with chain-drive bikes.
  • At 250W, the Ceramic Speed ​​Driven produces 32% less friction than the improved Ceramic Speed ​​drivetrain and 49% less friction than the standard Dura-Ace drivetrain.

Disadvantages Of Chainless Bicycle Project

  • Difficult to shape the Cog Profile.
  • The gear change is difficult.
  • Complex shaft/wave mechanism.
  • It is expensive because it uses ceramic and carbon fiber.

Chainless Bicycle Shaft Driven Mechanical Project

People Also Ask

How Much Does A Chainless Bike Cost?

The cheapest chainless bike models currently available in the Ceramicspeed catalog are priced at just under $2000. Saying goodbye to the old chain is still a luxury for some.

Are There Chainless Bicycles?

The "Chainless" breaks this cycle and brings a new generation of riding styles to the bicycle industry. The name speaks for itself by freeing the chain and regaining the excitement and experience of riding for the rider. Chainless is a combination of two types of bikes. Switch from a traditional bike to trick mode in seconds.

Who Invented Chainless Bicycle?

A. Fernhead of 354 Caledonian Road in North London developed this chainless bicycle in 1890 and patented it in October 1891. The prototype shaft was housed in a tube that ran along the top of the chainstay. Subsequent models were fixed to the chainstay itself.


I hope you like the details of this chainless bicycle project. Wanna buy this costly project worth thousands of dollars? What do you think? Let us know.
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