Badly behaved dogs are on the shopping list for Channel 5 as they’re bringing out a new documentary that looks to challenge their ways.

I’m hoping my neighbours either don’t follow The Hook, or don’t know I write for them since I’m about to call out their dog here. I love dogs, but their’s is an absolute d*ck.

In the brief moments when it isn’t barking, it’s crying for some reason. By all accounts they seem to shower it with love and affection, and they got it as a puppy – so you can’t use the evil previous owner card – so I’ve just had to come to the conclusion that the dog likes causing trouble.

No time for the thing.

Dogs Behaving Badly

What that dog needs is to link up with Channel 5, who are in the process of bringing back their hit documentary show Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly for a third season, with dog trainer extraordinaire Graeme Hall who looks into finding “long lasting solutions for dogs with issues“.

Known as ‘The Dogfather’, Graeme sorts out all kinds of dog-related issues, from greedy and somewhat annoying pups to overprotective and dangerous hounds. He’s got all of the tricks up his sleeve and if you don’t believe me, watch this clip from a few older episodes…


A few naughty dogs there, eh?

Avalon Factual confirmed the news to LADBible and let them know that:

If you feel your dog could benefit from Graeme’s help or you’d just simply like to know more about the show then please contact the team on [email protected] or call 020 7598 7365“.

Genuinely, I’m wondering whether I should write that down on a slip of paper and slipping it under by neighbour’s door. At the time of writing, their dog is currently having a go at a tree, so they really could do with old Graeme Hall having a wander over.


Sort it out for me Graeme.

Images via Channel 5