It’s been a sad few weeks for the Royal Family.

They’ve dealt with the aftermath of Harry and Meghan’s controversial Oprah interview, followed by the death of Price Philip.

Seeing Prince Andrew at the funeral has brought the accusations against him back into the spotlight.

It’s reported that Prince Charles and Prince William are “totally aligned” that there is “no way back” for Prince Andrew. It’s all relating to his connection with dead paedophile pal Jeffrey Epstein.


It’s thought that Charles and William will create roles for the seven senior members of the family, according to The Mirror.

Both future kings are “completely focussed” on supporting the Queen. She is mourning the loss of her husband and is understandably the top priority.

The report claims Charles and William have a meeting planned to put it all in place.

Among the new roles being discussed include ones for Sophie Wessex. She is described as a “tremendous support” for the Queen and made headlines talking kindly to the press after Prince Philip’s death was announced.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards are going to be revamped by Prince Edward in tribute to his father.

The Mirror claims palace sources said they both agree there is no way back for Andrew. He quit royal duties 18 months ago after his links to Epstein emerged.

The paper’s Royal Editor Russel Myers told ITV’s Lorraine that the issue of Andrew is “the elephant in the room and it remains unsolved”.

He says there is “no place for Andrew” and both Charles and William and “completely aligned on that”.

Lorraine said: “They will have to tackle the problem of Prince Andrew – the most damaging thing that has happened in my opinion.”


Despite Charles and William’s plans, Andrew is said to consider himself the Queen’s “rock”, according to palace insiders.

He and Fergie have been regularly walking with the Queen and her corgis since Prince Philip’s death.

Meanwhile, many are hoping for a family reunion and healing of wounds for Prince Harry and his brother and father.

Hopes were raised after the brothers were seen chatting after the funeral.

A source told the Mirror: “Harry didn’t expect everything to be completely back to normal but his feeling after seeing his family was there is a lot of ground to make up.

“Whether that is harder or easier to do on the other side of the world remains to be seen.

“There is a lot of distrust in the camp and everything is still very, very raw.”

Palace sources say Harry previously wrote letters to Prince Charles following a complete “communication breakdown”

So do you think Andrew should still have a role?

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