A video panning across the crowd of a charity football match in Turkey has caused a frenzy on social media after a ‘child’ was seen puffing a cigarette.

Taking advantage of the boring ol’ international break, Turkish sides Bursaspor and Fenerbahce S.K. organised a friendly charity match to raise funds for organisations that fight against awful diseases like leukaemia and foundations that support kids with Down’s syndrome and autism.


But attention quickly turned to what seemed to be a young Bursaspor fan, ironically, smoking a cigarette in the crowd. The outrage on social media quickly turned into a manhunt for the ‘child’, with @yureginikoyortaya leading the chase.

Was a child smoking at a football game?

It seemed that way, yes.

The beIN Sport cameras panned to what appeared to be two young kids, with one of them chonking on a cig.


Where were their parents?? Well, it turns out one of them was the parent! Take a look in the video below.

That’s a child. I’m sorry it just is.

However, local reports claim that the ‘boy’ was, in fact, a 36-year-old man.



I know we all want to look a bit younger, but this is a tad extreme. He’s got the elixir of life this guy – what’s his secret?!

Don’t say nicotine.

The man, nearing his 40s, and his son, watched Bursaspor come out victorious 2-1, which he no doubt celebrated with another fag.

One thing this picture shows is that angles are everything; from one angle he looks 13 and from the other, he looks 40 odd.

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“Sigara içen çocuk” diye paylaşsigim arkadaşın 36 yaşında olduğu ortaya çıkdi #fenerbahce #YüreğiniKoyOrtaya


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Now we can see why these Instagram models bang on about angles so much…

One Twitter user called him the modern-day “Benjamin Button”, while another said he had “took the water from the fountain of all youth“. However, some people don’t believe local reports calling it “impossible” and “bizarre”, but they clearly haven’t seen the second picture.


Furthermore, as if he’s just sparked up inside a stadium. Although technically he has broken the law – smoking in a public area in Turkey carries a 69 Lira fine, which is roughly £13.

I must remind you that smoking is not the best way to maintain your fresh, youthful appearance, rather, this man is either a time traveller or has found the solution to eternal life.


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