The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Part 3 drops 24th January 2020, confirms Netflix

I know it’s in poor taste as it’s Christmas time, but Praise Satan.


I have to hand it to Netflix this year.

From what I can ascertain, the streaming service plans to single-handedly cure worldwide Christmas blues by releasing enough A-grade content post-Christmas to satisfy even the heaviest of series bingers. We’ll all be miserable, cold and poor next month, but who f*cking cares, we’ll be hibernating indoors binging the likes of  You Season 2, The Witcher, Sex Education Season 2, AJ and the Queen and now, The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Part 3.

Yasss, witch.



Netflix has confirmed that our fave teenage witch will be returning to the streaming service on 24th January 2020; news which sparked the mass hailing of Satan across the globe by fans of the series (that’s not officially confirmed – but you know, fans/witches be crazy). The news was announced yesterday (Saturday 7th December) to crowds at Argentina Comic-Con.

So what do we know about The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3?

Sadly, I’m not an unholy child of Satan, so I can’t exactly astral project into the future to answer that (you know I would, if I could). I can only deliver what my dark Dark Lord (Netflix) has chosen to share with me, and that’s the most cryptic of teaser trailers  and a short statement on Part 3.



“Sabrina must assume the title of “Queen” to defend it against a challenger, the handsome Prince of Hell Caliban”

Netflix said:

“Part Three finds Sabrina reeling from the harrowing events of Part Two.

“Though she defeated her father Lucifer, the Dark Lord remains trapped within the human prison of her beloved boyfriend, Nicholas Scratch.

“Sabrina can’t live with herself, knowing that Nick made the ultimate sacrifice and is suffering, burning in Hell under Madam Satan’s watchful eye.


“So with an assist from her mortal friends, ‘The Fright Club’ (consisting of Harvey, Rosalind, and Theo), Sabrina makes it her mission to free him from eternal damnation and bring him back into her arms.

“However, the Dark Lord’s unseating has sent shockwaves through the realms-and, with no one on the throne, Sabrina must assume the title of “Queen” to defend it against a challenger, the handsome Prince of Hell Caliban.


“A mysterious carnival rolls into town… A tribe of pagans looking to resurrect an ancient evil…”

“Meanwhile, in Greendale, a mysterious carnival rolls into town, bringing with it a threat to the Spellmans and the coven: A tribe of pagans looking to resurrect an ancient evil…”


Sabrina cast
Jaz Sinclair, Chance Perdomo, Miranda Otto, Kiernan Shipka, Lucy Davis and Michelle Gomez from Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The end of Part 2 saw Sabrina trapping Lucifer inside her bf’s body (been there) and then sending him back to Hell Buffy-style. As a fan of the series as a whole, I’m saying a little hopeful chant for a return to the days of Part 1 in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3.

‘Meh’ is the only word I can think of to describe Part 2. And I’m a witch who loves his words.

Sabrina Spellman GIF by Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sorry, Michelle.



If you’re looking for an immediate supernatural fix to tide you over, check out Netflix’s new vampire series V Wars, starring Ian Somerhalder (swoon) from The Vampire Diaries.


Praise Netflix. 

Images via Netflix