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Chilling Last Words Of Co-Pilot Before Deliberately Crashing Plane Of 150 People


In tragic incidents involving deliberate plane crashes, the chilling last words of co-pilot before deliberately crashing plane of 150 people carry an eerie weight. The chilling last words can provide glimpses into the mental state and intentions of those at the controls, raising questions about the events leading up to the tragedy. This article explores the harrowing accounts of pilots' final words before intentionally crashing a plane carrying 150 people.

In March 2015, Andreas Lubitz caused the Germanwings jet to crash into the Alps, killing 150 people. His terrifying final words, as well as the co-captain's frantic last words as he fought to preserve his aircraft, were captured on black box recordings.

The plane was travelling from Barcelona Airport in Spain to Duesseldorf, Germany and should have been a two-hour flight.

Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz repeatedly informs Captain Patrick Sondeimer that he is prepared to take the helm "any time" in transcripts that the German press has obtained.

After about 30 minutes of flight time, he finally announces, "You can go now," and Sonderheimer instructed the 28-year-old to take over radio communications as he left the cockpit.

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The cockpit door can be heard opening and shutting on the black box tape, suggesting that the captain was likely using the restroom.

A few seconds later, the chosen altitude was adjusted from 38,000 feet to 100 feet, and the aircraft quickly started to drop. Brice Robin, a French prosecutor, stated:


This action on the altitude controls can only be deliberate.

- Brice Robin

The 28-year-old co-pilot was called by air traffic control, but they got no response. Up until the recording's conclusion, you can hear voices asking for the door to be opened while knocking. The captain said,

For God's sake, open the door.

Additionally, he can be heard attempting to break the door down with a piece of metal. When he cries, "Open the damn door," Lubitz doesn't respond.

Passengers shouting may be heard in the recording's very last split second. Robin claimed that if the plane hadn't hit the mountain, death would have occurred instantly.

Psychological factors such as depression, anxiety, or personal issues can severely impact a pilot's judgment and decision-making abilities. Additionally, mounting stress, financial troubles, or professional pressures may exacerbate an already fragile mental state.

Investigations into these incidents often delve into the pilot's background, mental health history, and any external factors that may have contributed to their distress.

Beyond the immediate loss of life, these deliberate plane crashes have far-reaching effects on the families of the victims, the aviation industry, and the general public. The aftermath of such events involves grief, shock, and the need for comprehensive investigations to understand the motives and circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

In the wake of deliberate plane crashes, the aviation industry is prompted to reevaluate and enhance safety protocols. Airlines and regulatory bodies work together to identify vulnerabilities, implement stricter psychological assessments for pilots, and establish mechanisms for better monitoring of pilot mental health.

The devastating consequences of deliberate plane crashes underscore the critical need for mental health support within the aviation industry. It highlights the significance of early detection, intervention, and ongoing mental health care for pilots. Creating an environment where pilots feel comfortable seeking help and openly discussing their struggles is vital for preventing such tragedies.

While stricter mental health assessments for pilots may be seen as a potential solution, there are ethical considerations regarding privacy and the stigma associated with mental health. Striking the right balance between ensuring passenger safety and respecting the privacy of pilots remains a challenge for aviation authorities.

Flowers are laid at Dusseldorf airport in memory of the passengers and crew who lost their lives
Flowers are laid at Dusseldorf airport in memory of the passengers and crew who lost their lives

Preventing Deliberate Plane Crashes - Safety Measures And Protocols

Deliberate plane crashes, where pilots intentionally cause a catastrophic event resulting in the loss of numerous lives, are tragic and devastating occurrences. The aviation industry recognizes the urgent need to prevent such incidents and places significant emphasis on implementing safety measures and protocols.

Enhanced Pilot Screening And Evaluation

To identify potential risks, the aviation industry has implemented more comprehensive pilot screening and evaluation procedures. Stricter psychological assessments, including personality evaluations and mental health screenings, help identify any red flags that may indicate a pilot's suitability for flight duties. These evaluations aim to detect potential psychological issues or vulnerabilities early on, enabling appropriate intervention and support.

Improved Reporting Systems

Creating a culture of open reporting is crucial in preventing deliberate plane crashes. Airlines encourage pilots and crew members to report any safety concerns, behavioral changes, or suspicious activities they observe in their colleagues.

Establishing confidential reporting systems and ensuring non-punitive approaches encourage individuals to come forward with their concerns, enabling early detection and intervention in cases where a pilot's mental state or intentions may pose a risk.

Psychological Support And Mental Health Programs

The aviation industry recognizes the importance of mental health support for pilots. Airlines have implemented mental health programs that focus on promoting well-being, stress management, and providing accessible resources for pilots.

These programs aim to create a supportive environment where pilots can seek help without fear of stigma or career repercussions. Offering confidential counseling services and peer support networks can significantly contribute to the early detection and management of psychological issues, reducing the risk of deliberate actions.

Collaborative Efforts With Mental Health Professionals

Collaboration between aviation authorities and mental health professionals is vital in preventing deliberate plane crashes. Establishing partnerships with psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health experts allows for comprehensive assessments of pilots' mental well-being.

These professionals can provide insights and recommendations to help address mental health challenges specific to the aviation industry, contributing to the development of effective preventive measures.

Continuous Training And Education

Ongoing training and education play a crucial role in preventing deliberate plane crashes. Pilots receive recurrent training on threat and error management, which encompasses identifying potential risks, understanding human factors, and employing effective decision-making strategies.

This training focuses on recognizing and mitigating stressors, fostering resilience, and maintaining situational awareness to minimize the likelihood of deliberate acts.

Strengthened Security Measures

Airline security measures have been bolstered to prevent unauthorized access to the cockpit and potential acts of sabotage. Reinforced cockpit doors, access control protocols, and improved monitoring systems are in place to ensure the integrity of the flight deck. These measures aim to minimize the risk of unauthorized individuals gaining control of the aircraft or interfering with the pilot's actions.

Regulatory Oversight And Compliance

Regulatory bodies play a vital role in preventing deliberate plane crashes by enforcing safety standards and conducting thorough audits. Regular inspections, assessments, and compliance checks ensure that airlines adhere to established protocols and maintain a high level of safety. Robust oversight and enforcement mechanisms help identify any deviations from safety regulations and address them promptly.

People Also Ask

What Are Some Documented Incidents Of Deliberate Plane Crashes By Pilots?

There have been several documented incidents, such as Germanwings Flight 9525 in 2015 and SilkAir Flight 185 in 1997, where pilots intentionally crashed planes, resulting in the loss of numerous lives.

What Factors Contribute To A Pilot's Decision To Intentionally Crash A Plane?

Factors that can contribute to such decisions include psychological issues, mental health problems, personal struggles, mounting stress, and professional pressures. However, it is essential to evaluate each case individually to understand the specific circumstances.

How Does The Aviation Industry Address The Issue Of Deliberate Plane Crashes?

The aviation industry addresses this issue by implementing stricter psychological assessments for pilots, enhancing mental health support programs, and improving safety protocols. The goal is to identify potential vulnerabilities and prevent such tragedies from occurring.

What Are The Effects Of Deliberate Plane Crashes On The Aviation Industry And The Public?

Deliberate plane crashes have profound effects, including loss of life, grief for the victims' families, damage to the reputation of the airline involved, and increased scrutiny on aviation safety measures. The public may also experience heightened anxiety and concerns about air travel safety.

How Can The Aviation Industry Balance Mental Health Support For Pilots With Ensuring Passenger Safety?

Striking a balance between mental health support and passenger safety is a complex challenge. The industry must find ways to encourage open discussions about mental health, provide confidential support systems for pilots, and implement robust monitoring mechanisms without stigmatizing individuals or compromising safety protocols.


The chilling last words of co-pilot before deliberately crashing plane evoke a profound sense of tragedy and raise troubling questions about the mental state and circumstances leading up to these incidents.

Each case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of mental health support within the aviation industry, as well as the need for continued efforts to enhance safety protocols. Understanding the complexities surrounding deliberate plane crashes is crucial for preventing future tragedies and preserving the safety and trust of air travel.

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