Chinese Elephants Invade Plantation, Get Drunk On Whisky And Pass Out

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Published 19.03.20

In similarity to Stateside spring breakers and boozy Brits on tour in Benidorm, a group of fourteen Chinese elephants have ignored nationwide lockdown measures, breaking into a tea plantation and getting pissed on corn wine before passing out.

Perhaps the Ellie’s had just had enough of the world’s insanity and decided it was time to check out, get drunk and forget the world’s woes.

Can’t really blame them, can we?

According to a post on Epicalyptic’s Facebook page crediting a tweet by Li Jing, the group, some fourteen strong, wandered into a village in the Yunnan province in southwest China in search of corn and other foods.

Couldn’t stand the panic-buying queues we gather.

They then stumbled upon 30 litres of corn wine and proceeded to consume every last drop.

Elephants are known for their fondness of booze, with South African folklore stating that they are especially keen on the fermenting fruit of the marula tree – gorging on the bright golden berries until completely intoxicated.

It seems they aren’t actually too fussy, and any form of alcohol is a winner as they were later found passed out in a nearby tea plantation.

Blissfully pissed.

A 1984 study concluded that a three-tonne elephant would have to consume around 10 litres of alcohol (at 7% ABV) to start acting drunk.

Who knows how strong the corn wine was for them to completely pass out.

Can’t help but wonder how much of a sore head they would have had when they eventually regained consciousness!

Bet it was a right laugh.

I only wish I had joined them.

In case you’re wonderin g what Corn Wine is, it’s essentially an even stronger whisky. As per the ever-trustworthy Wikipedia:

Corn whiskey is an American liquor made from a mash of at least 80 percent corn and distilled to a maximum strength of 160 proof (80% alcohol by volume)

Despite their size, it’s hardly surprising they ended up the way they did.

Ah well, Friday is only just around the corner folks.

Cheers to that.

Images via Facebook