Chris Hemsworth Wants To Remake ‘Three Amigos’ With Chris Evans And Robert Downey Jr.

Max JenkinsMax Jenkins in Entertainment, Film
Published 16.10.19

Chris Hemsworth has declared his interest in remaking comedy classic Three Amigos with his real-life amigos Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. now that the mainstream Avengers saga appears to have come to a sad but fulfilling end.

Speaking at this year’s ACE Comic Convention in Illinois, Hemsworth was asked what the future had in store for the his bromance with Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. now their characters will likely never meet again in the post-Endgame MCU.


Considering the possibility of working with the actors in a non-superhero capacity, Hemsworth suggested: ‘We could remake Three Amigos.’

The suggestion was met with enthusiasm from the audience, but as films such as 2016’s Ghostbusters (of which Hemsworth had a role) have shown, remakes and reboots aren’t always so well received.

What is Three Amigos?

For those unfamiliar with Three Amigos, the 1986 comedy starring Steve Martin tells the story of three silent-film actors who are mistaken for their rough-and-ready characters on a visit to a rural town in Mexico that is regularly terrorised by bandits. As the original was set in 1916, a modern remake would be an interesting project to consider. Drug cartels could replace the Old West-style bandits and the silent-film actors could be updated to actors that play superheroes.

In fact, a remake could involve Hemsworth, Evans and Downey Jr. playing themselves, mistaken by the villagers for the superheroes they play.

Any directors reading this and thinking of taking Hemsworth’s suggestion seriously? If so, I’m here all week.


After the interview dropped on YouTube, fans took to Twitter to express their support for the remake to happen, confident that the actors’ comic timing will bring laughter to a modern audience unfamiliar with the original.

Returning to the MCU, the moderator inquired as to how Hemsworth first reacted to learning that Captain America got to wield Thor’s trusty hammer, Mjolnir, during the final showdown with Thanos.

‘Uh, pretty angry, yeah,’ he answered jokingly.


‘I’m sick of people picking up that hammer, to be honest. It’s playing with my toys, you know, it’s like give me that, give it back, Cap! Have your little shield. I haven’t seen him pick up Stormbreaker yet, though.’

When asked which characters he would cast his fellow actor brothers, Liam and Luke, Hemsworth considered it before deciding that the muscly Luke could easily be Bruce Banner/Hulk, whilst suggesting that Liam play a revamped Steve Rogers known as ‘Captain Australia’.

chris hemsworth three amigos

But after a lukewarm reaction from the audience who love Captain America too much, he decided Liam would be best suited to bow-and-arrow-wielding Hawkeye.

Asked what role outside of Thor would define him as an actor, Hemsworth took advantage of the sci-fi-loving audience and said: ‘Star Trek.’


‘I was living in LA, I was running out of money, I was auditioning but I wasn’t really working that much … and then I got a phone call from JJ Abrams saying “Come into the office and read.”

‘I literally sat and read the script in front of him and he said “Great, we start on Monday, see you then.”

‘That’s when things really started to kick off and I ended up doing Cabin in the Woods and I spoke the Kenneth Branagh [who directed the first Thor] and he helped me get into that role and those films.’


It’s hard to imagine a time when the beautiful and talented Hemsworth was ever struggling for roles, but ten years later his rising star only seems to get higher and higher. Now that he’s temporarily hung up the Thor mantle, Hemsworth is looking forward to a number of exciting projects including portraying wrestler Hulk Hogan in an upcoming biopic, as well as playing himself in Kevin Smith’s new comedy Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

Meanwhile, Chris Evans will star alongside Daniel Craig in Rian Johnson’s murder mystery Knives Out, whilst RDJ stars as Dr Dolittle in a rebooted franchise set for release in 2020.