Chris Lilley Is Back With His Brand New Netflix Comedy ‘Lunatics’

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Netflix
Published 11.04.19

Chris Lilley is back, people!

You’ll remember Lilley from shows such as Summer Heights High, Angry Boys, We Can Be Heroes, and more where, essentially, he just plays a load of different comedy characters.

Amongst his most well-known characters are Ja’mie – a private school girl – and Jonah from Tonga, in which 44-year-old Lilley, to all intents and purposes, wears blackface.

But now he’s adding more new characters to his roster and by the looks of things, only one of them might be in black face. Hmmm.

Lunatics is the Australian comic’s new series, coming to Netflix on the 19th of April and a lot of people are pretty excited.

The new characters include an estate agent with a huge arse, a tall YouTuber, some Instagram kid, a fashion designer and, amongst others, a ‘pet psychologist to the stars’, tactfully described as a “South African lesbian”.

The thing is though, a lot of people are worried that this particular character exhibits Lilley in blackface because, well, it clearly does.


Unless this is some kind of subversive Rachel Dolezal satire – which it could be, who knows? – then that’s blackface which as you know, is famously bad.

Lilley has previously faced backlash for the same reasons with characters such as the aforementioned Jonah, and S.Mouse, a black rapper.

A spokesperson released a statement to the Daily Beast last year, saying:

Netflix have informed us that there are no plans for Chris to play characters of different races for this project.

Imagine being in the position where that needs to be cleared up.

Lunatics can be see on Netflix come the 19th of April.

Images via Netflix