If you’re a bit sick and tired of those cheap crackers filled with paper hats and weird plastic fish that ‘reveal your mood’, maybe this year could be the one where you switch it up.

“But how can we switch up our crackers?” You might be thinking… Well, we can quite confidently assume you’ve never pulled a cracker where a vibrator has fallen out of it!

Yes, sex toy crackers are apparently now a thing, and they’ve given a whole new meaning to pulling one with your family member at the dinner table.


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Sold with the slogan “time to tug it?”, sex toy company Ricky has claimed they are “the world’s first Christmas cracker containing a surprise sex toy”.


Whilst on the outside they look like your ordinary cracker, there’s something a tad more erotic waiting within.


We can already imagine the awkward scenes, with and nan and grandad fighting over who gets the gift that’s fallen out of it.

The gift being, a vibrating butt plug.


The Ricky Christmas Cracker Surprise are limited edition, with only 1,000 made, and five different varieties.

Cracker-openers may receive a LUV EGG, which is “a sex toy perfect for couples to carry out some high stakes remote control fun”, or a Partner Plus Vibrator, which is designed to help couples “climax together”.



There’s also Ricky’s Bullet Vibrator, the Pleasure Brush Vibrator and the Vibrating Handheld Masturbator – which has an open design that ensures its ‘silky-soft wings wrap around for sensational penis stimulation’.


All of which would undoubtedly be excellent conversation starters over the dinner table with your aunties and uncles.


The dirty crackers are priced at £36, and all the toys are rechargeable so the whole family can enjoy endless vibrating fun.


Tom Thurlow, Founder of Ricky, said: “The Christmas cracker has been a British tradition for hundreds of years with Brits tugging on them since 1847.

“Here at Ricky we believed it was time they had a revamp and go against the grain with a sexy surprise.


“This year has been hard on us all and I hope our Christmas crackers will inject some fun and frolics in to this year’s Christmas festivities, making it a real December to remember!”

Will you be buying them?