Get Festive And Charge Your Phone With This Christmas Lights Phone Charger

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Published 30.10.19

Charge your phone with this Christmas lights phone charger and be as festive as you want all year round

This is festive AF

Christmas lights phone charger


If you’re obsessed with Christmas (we all know someone), why aren’t you charging your phone with this sickeningly festive Christmas lights phone charger rn? I mean ‘sickening’ in the literal sense of the word, not in the RuPaul’s Drag Race sense of the word. But that’s just me – at least while I’m still typing away in October, FFS.

I like Christmas. I do. But, I’m not one of those people that feels the urge to announce to an entire office that there are 150 days until Christmas in the middle of summer. Nor do I feel the need to whack out the Ariana Grande Christmas albums around Halloween time. For me, Christmas can start from 1st December.

But i know for some of you reading this, Christmas is less a festive season of fun and more of a lifestyle choice all year round. This Christmas lights phone charger is for you beautiful people.


christmas lights phone charger

YAGE TALE LED Christmas Lights Charging Cable

That’s its official name.

The 4ft-long charging cable is available on Amazon for $14.99, but unfortunately, it’s only compatible with iPhones (sorry, Android users – you’ll have to get your festive kicks elsewhere). Here’s the magical part – the charger comes with 10 LED multi-coloured lights that all illuminate when the charger is working its magic.


My favourite line in the product description is:

“You can use it anytime, especially at Christmas.”

Sensational. That and:

“You’ll be excited all year.”

Promises, promises.

Christmas lights lit up


Amazon shopper CC Carnahan bloody loves it:

While you’re Christmas shopping in October, don’t miss these seasonal treats!


ASDA’s Christmas sausage dog collection

sausage dog christmas lights

ASDA’s new sausage dog homeware range is truly something to behold – honestly, without actually selling sausage dogs themselves (imagine), ASDA has pretty much thought of everything I never knew I actually needed – from sausage dog shaped Christmas lights to sausage dog throws.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Christmas Tree Topper

Harry Potter Christmas tree topper

Hallmark is selling the most magical – and borderline ‘Riddikulus’ – Harry Potter Christmas tree topper shaped like Hogwarts this Christmas.

Giant Inflatable Buddy The Elf

Inflatable Buddy the Elf

You can have your very own giant inflatable Buddy the Elf this Christmas and if that isn’t getting you in the festive mood, then nothing will… or you’re me.

Rainbow Christmas Tree

Rainbow Christmas tree

Now a rainbow Christmas tree I am here for – more for Pride month and Halloween (Gay Christmas) than Christmas, though, tbh.

May your phone charging be merry and bright. 

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