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Churchland High School Basketball Coaches Fired After One Coach Impersonates As Player In Game


Churchland high school basketball coaches fired after one coach impersonates as player in game. A 22-year-old high school assistant basketball coach was fired along with the rest of the coaching staff after it was said that he posed as a player to play in a junior varsity game.

Churchland high school learned last month that a coach for the junior varsity (JV) girls basketball team got off the bench and participated in a game against Nansemond River High School in Suffolk, Virginia, on January 21. Lauren Nolasco, chief communications officer for Portsmouth Public Schools, confirmed this to CNN.

So, Churchland High School basketball coaches fired after one coach impersonates as player in game. The school's assistant basketball coach, Arlisha Boykins, posed as a junior player by donning a jersey.

Nolasco said in a statement:

While I cannot discuss details of the investigation since this is a personnel matter, I can confirm Arlisha Boykins is no longer an employee of Portsmouth Public Schools.- Nolasco

Nolasco would like to say whether Boykins was wearing a uniform, but he did say that JV players are typically between the ages of 13 and 15. Boykins cannot be reached by CNN for comment.

Nolasco said that Churchland administrators were not at the game and that the administration "quickly investigated and then contacted the Virginia High School League to share its findings."

Boykins has been sacked, along with the head varsity and JV girls basketball coaches. The varsity and JV teams at the high school attended a parent-player meeting.

"In the meeting, the players from both teams expressed they did not want to continue this season,"Nolasco continued.

Churchland High basketball coach fired after posing as JV player during game

Billy Haun, the Virginia High School Organization's executive director, told that the league has been made aware of the incident.

Haun said:

When an adult commits to being a high school coach, it’s not just about coaching the game. They take on a lot of responsibility. Adults who fail to live up to those expectations, I’ll just put it bluntly, they fail students. We failed kids because we’ve got a group of young ladies who will now not be able to finish their season because of the behavior of some adults.- Billy Haun


Churchland high school basketball coaches fired after one coach impersonates as player in game. After an assistant coach was exposed for pretending to be a 13-year-old player, the season for a high school basketball team in Virginia was abruptly over.

While the young player was away from town for a competition, the 22-year-old coach reportedly put on the athlete's jersey and participated in a girls' junior varsity game.

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