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Cinema-goers Cheering Shocked Some Aussies Caused Them To Rant On Social Media


A few cinema-goers cheering shocked some Aussies.

This caused them to rant on social media and asked why these individuals inside the movie house were clapping and cheering.

They went to the cinema to see Thor: Love and Thunder during the week that it was released in Australia but were very surprised to hear people cheering loudly throughout the film.

Thor: Love And Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder is a 2022 American superhero film produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, based on the Marvel Comics character Thor.

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Thor Love Thunder official poster
Thor Love Thunder official poster

It is the 29th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the direct sequel to Thor: Ragnarok (2017).

Thor tries to find inner peace in the film, but must return to action and recruit Valkyrie (Thompson), Korg (Waititi), and Jane Foster (Portman)β€”who is now the Mighty Thorβ€”to stop Gorr the God Butcher (Bale) from annihilating all gods.

Thor: Love and Thunder opened in 17 countries, including Germany, Italy, Australia, and South Korea, bringing in $15.7 million in its first day of business.

According to Disney's calculations, Thor: Ragnarok had a 39 percent opening-day advantage, while Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness had a 24 percent opening-day advantage.

Disney also added, the picture has a market share of more than 50% in certain key markets, and as high as 86 percent in others.

Preview data, which are not included in the $15.7 million amount provided by the studio, also imply a solid overseas opening weekend. Mexico leads all territories in preview grosses with $1.9 million, followed by $1.4 million in Brazil and adding to a total of $5.4 million in Latin America preview grosses.

Thor: Love and Thunder was the biggest grossing film in Latin America on Wednesday, including Brazil and Mexico, based solely on preview grosses. The 3D format has seen tremendous success in Latin America, with a 50 percent market share in Argentina and a 41 percent market share in Brazil to date.

Thor: Love and Thunder will be released in additional international markets over the weekend.

On Thursday, the picture will have its formal release in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, India, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, Argentina, and the rest of Latin America.

The only major markets that will not debut by this weekend are China, France, and Russia.

Theater Etiquette

Etiquette in the theater is an unnatural test of manners. It's a tall order to gather a gathering of mostly strangers in one room and expect them not to chat, cough, sneeze, stretch, leave abruptly, clap at the wrong time, rustle lolly wrappers, or knock elbows.

The Golden Rules of the Movie Theater

The pervasiveness of communication technology has overwhelmed such aspirations. A ringing phone or the glow of a screen being checked for messages disturbs audience members, actors, and technical personnel alike.

In addition, babies who are inconsolable should be taken to the lobby and then fetched once the show is over.

You also need to refrain from cursing or any unnecessary noises while inside the movie theater.

The Story

An Aussie has resorted to social media in order to inquire as to the rationale for people clapping and cheering in theaters.

The rant post of the Aussie guy on Reddit
The rant post of the Aussie guy on Reddit

People haven't been permitted to go to the movies in the past few years because of the COVID-19 virus, but now that the pandemic has passed, people are finally starting to head back to their neighborhood movie theaters to take in some entertainment.

On the other hand, it would appear that there are some individuals who are genuinely looking forward to watching a movie.

Someone who went to see Thor: Love and Thunder in Australia during the week that it was released was surprised to hear people cheering loudly throughout the film.

They vented their frustrations about the commotion on various social media platforms. They explained on Reddit,


My wife and I saw Thor last night. I'd been really looking forward to this one, more than any other Marvel film, for a while. But when the movie started, people started clapping and cheering. They did the same thing whenever a familiar character popped up on screen.

He also added,


I found it really distracting because I kept thinking about it. I've been going to the cinema for 30 years or so, and I've been to the opening night of blockbuster movies before. This is the first time I've ever seen cheering though. Is this a thing now? What's going on?

In the section for reader comments, a large number of people expressed agreement that it was comparable to the way that people applaud when an airplane lands.

Another person said,


I've stopped seeing Marvel movies in cinemas so soon after release, can't hear what's going on because people are carrying on like silly pork chops.

One person added,


I was at the midnight showing forΒ Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones. All six theaters went berserk when Yoda pulled his lightsaber out and started squaring up.

The individual who uploaded the rant specified that when they referred to "crowd noises," they were not referring to the typical sounds that are heard over the course of a movie.

They said,


I don't mind people reacting. Gasping or laughing or saying 'Wow!' to their friends. That stuff doesn't bother me, it's a communal space. But this was clapping and cheering how people do at a sports game, like the movie was happening live or something.

To be fair, the issue centers on whether it is acceptable for someone to express how goddam happy they are while participating in a form of entertainment and whether or not they should be allowed to do so.

It is challenging because if you are really into the movie that you are seeing, it might be difficult not to get caught up in the mood and the buzz that is surrounding the movie.

People Also Ask

Do You Clap In A Theater?

It's crucial to show your appreciation for the performers by applauding. During some performances, you may hear people applaud or cheer, which is sometimes acceptable. However, the audience frequently does not applaud until the performance is over. When you do applaud, do so with enthusiasm.

What Is Good Etiquette In A Movie Theater?

A crowded theater can be uncomfortable, but you must still be alert of those around you. Don't take the armrest of the person sitting next to you. Do not extend your legs into your neighbor's space. Also, keep your feet away from the seats in front of you.

Why Is Theater Etiquette Important?

At the heart of it, everyone in a production wants to do their best. Everyone desires a safe haven. Everyone desires adoration from the audience. Following theater etiquette guidelines ensures that the audience is treated with respect.


There have been a lot of movies in recent years, most of which have been superhero movies with blockbuster moments or surprises, that have caused the crowd to applaud and cheer in the movie theater. On the other hand, this moviegoer was taken aback to discover that it was taking place in Australia.

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