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Claire Come Dine With Me - How She Disappointed Her Fans?


Claire Come Dine With Me became internet sensation after she appeared in a show. She is a spa therapist who was invited to the show.

Called the "legend" on social media, Claire disappointed her viewers with her nasty hosting techniques and hilarious one-liner.

She is best remembered by serving Claire Come Dine With Me shrimp appetizers, Claire Come Dine With Me Steak Americano, and Claire Come Dine With Me Sundae desserts on wooden boards, and "gloved" french fries in a wok with an oven mitt.

The popular Channel 4 show (participants having dinner parties in turn throughout the week to cook and entertain the rest) has been on the air since 2005, and now there are more series than we want.

When Claire Phillips was asked to appear on one of Britain's most popular reality television shows, she thought it was a joke.

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But since appearing on Channel 4's Come Dine With Me in 2018, the 34-year-old has become one of the show's most popular contestants, and even more incredible.

Claire wearing a brown top sitting next to a red door
Claire wearing a brown top sitting next to a red door

Who Is Claire From Come Dine With Me?

Walesonline caught up with her and found out what she really thinks about the show, how she has found life since then, and how she feels it is a true legend.

She was warmly welcomed when she picked up her phone, and within minutes she filled her phone with a laugh.

"It's been three years," she said. "And it has absolutely flown by. Everyone has still been talking about it – I think it's because they've been repeated quite a lot, especially because of lockdown.

"I was working in Bannatyne in Cardiff at the time. I'm a therapist but was on reception one day when someone rung and asked if they knew of anyone who wanted to take part in the show. I was like 'yes' and had to apply – I was in the right place at the right time.

Digital artistic illustration of Claire holding wooden boards
Digital artistic illustration of Claire holding wooden boards

"At first I thought it might have been a joke. I had to apply and then I had a phone interview and things and then just after Christmas they got back to me. There were quite a few rounds to get through."

Claire, from Pont Akamel, said she only realized she was successful a few days before the shoot began during her birthday trip to Amsterdam in late January 2018. Shooting started on February 12th of this year.

She starred in Season 43 of the show with her fellow athletes Scott, Anna, Charlotte, and restaurant owner Giovanni Mara Clino of Cardiff.

Claire Planks Come Dine With Me

Some of us are endowed with great cooking skills, but others usually don't apply for TV shows that judge you on their own.

Claire of Cardiff had other ideas like Claire Planks - that she can use them to serve any item. She's totally unaware that her cooking skills aren't that traditional, or just playing to try it out anyway, and beautiful Claire decides to appear on Channel 4's Come Dine With Me.

In the Claire Come Dine With Me full episode, menu started with "prawns on a plank" and the main course was "Steak Americano".

To conclude the dessert, there was a chocolate sundae with a twist.

She said she wanted to challenge herself with her own menu, but when it was her turn to host on Wednesday, she admitted that she was a little unprepared.

She said: "I hadn't bought any of the food and I was exhausted – I wasn't organised at all. I didn't realise you have to film all day and all night for the week, I thought it was just an evening thing and then maybe you'd meet up in the day for the menu review.

Claire Plans Is Super Excited About Serving Her Food On Planks | Come Dine With Me

"I was cooking on the Wednesday so I was thinking to myself: 'Okay I'll nip over to Morrisons on Monday and Tuesday' but it took so much time I had to give my mum and my dad my bank card to get my shopping for me."

"I thought I was an all right cook at the time," she said.

"But obviously it's for five people and it was hard because they all wanted their steak done in different ways. I should have practised it a bit to be honest.

"Cooking two steaks is okay, you just put them in a frying pan, but I didn't have enough room to do that with all five of them."

"I'd also never heard of a blue steak before. I put them all in the oven and hoped for the best!"

Charlotte And Giovanni Clash Over Claire's Stir-Loin Steaks | Come Dine With Me

People Also Ask

What Episode Of Come Dine With Me Is Claire?

The episode of Come Dine With Me is Claire is Cardiff 3/5 - The third host of the week is beautician Claire.

What Is The Story Behind Claire Come Dine With Me Steak Americano Episode?

Much has happened to the Americano Steak clip, but two things really caught the eye of the people. She first puts the steak under the grill, flips it over, decides it's perfectly fine to use the oven mitt, and says that ou should burn your fingers. She is not wrong. She just made a disaster of that poor American steak.

What Season Is Claire On Come Dine With Me?

She starred in Season 43 of the show with fellow athletes Scott, Anna, Charlotte, and Cardiff's restaurant owner Giovanni Mara Clino.


Were you fan of Claire Come Dine With Me? Did you watched her episode in which she makes disastrous food?

Have you heard about Kim Kardashian feet controversy, according to which she has 6 toes on her left foot?

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