It looks like the weekly claps from our doorsteps is coming back as the country heads into yet another lockdown.

Just when we started to see a light at the end of the tunnel after the UK approved the Pfizer vaccine, cases started to rise due to a new strain of COVID-19 and the Government enforced another total lockdown.

And now, the nationwide applause first introduced at the start of the pandemic in 2020 is set to return, but this time with a slightly different name.

Called ‘Clap for Heroes’, it will pay tribute to the “heroes” who have played their part in the battle against coronavirus.

It will be held on Thursday, Jan 7 at 8pm to “acknowledge” everyone who has played their part through the pandemic as the country enters a third lockdown.

Clap for Carers was held across Britain for 10 weeks at the beginning of the pandemic to show support for NHS staff and key workers who kept working to keep the country going during lockdown.

People were invited to safely take to their doorsteps, windows, gardens and balconies to join in the national tribute.

This time, the movement has updated its name to widen its message and to recognise all those who have played a role in the fight against COVID-19.

Annemarie Plas was the woman behind Clap for Carers, and is now hoping Clap for Heroes will become a weekly event too.

She said: “I fully acknowledge that things are now worse than ever and some people might not feel an applause is appropriate, but I also know how much it meant to millions of people last time, not just to our carers but to our neighbours and communities.

“We all need to stay connected and be there for each other and we all deserve a round of applause for what we have gone through and can expect from the coming months.

“When people clap for all our heroes on Thursday, they should also clap for the heroes directly in their own lives, those whom they have personally found to be just incredible individuals.”

She brought the Clap for our Carers tribute to an end last May amid fears it was being “politicised”.

Annemarie added: “When we first started clapping for our incredible NHS staff, care workers and key workers last March, none of us had any expectation that we would be in an even worse situation nine months later.”

She said the new tribute would “recognise all the other heroes that keep the country going and have endured such challenging times”.

Dame Donna Kinnair, chief executive and general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, said staff “appreciate the support from the public”.

Images via Alamy