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Clown Motel Nevada - America's Scariest Resort


Clown Motel - It was named "America's Scariest Motel" because of its jokester subject and nearness to the Old Tonopah Cemetery. Many individuals are scared of the Clown Motel. A portion of the paintings in the rooms make certain to give visitors bad dreams. In any case, simply sit back and relax, there are moreover "blissful jokesters", particularly in the entryway. Individuals from everywhere over the world send jokesters to the Clown Motel Nevada and the assortment currently numbers 2,050!

Precisely what it seems like, The Clown Motel in Tonopah brags what must be the biggest confidential assortment of jokester puppets and memorabilia under the sun.

Assuming that the unpleasant jokester topic — which extends past the entryway and into each room — isn't sufficient to frighten you, the special reward of a few inhabitant phantoms lurking over daily from the burial ground nearby may very well be the ticket.

Regardless of whether you stay the evening, drop by the entryway, get suffocated in jokesters, and gobble up a few genuinely exceptional trinkets from the smaller-than-usual gift shop in the corner. Gracious, and before we neglect: free jokester noses, anybody?

Besides the name of the property and blazing bulb marquee out front, what makes The Clown Motel satisfy its name? An assortment of in excess of 2,000 comedian dolls from all edges of the globe, obviously.

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A haunted joker heading towards Clown Motel
A haunted joker heading towards Clown Motel

What Is The Story Of The Clown Motel?

Everything began in 1985 when Leona and Leroy David constructed this inn in memory of their dad, Clarence David — a jokester darling who left an assortment of 150 comedians in his home. The David kin chose to involve them as the subject and point of convergence of their inn in memory of their father.

Guests will encounter a huge number of jokesters embellishing the racks of the inn entryway at registration, and each of the 31 rooms highlights a few custom comedian craftsmanship pieces.

Assuming that you're searching for a potential supernatural encounter, consider mentioning a stay in rooms 108, 111, 210, and 214. Energetic or not, any room you book will come total with a TV, ice chest, microwave, and AC/heat.

Oh, there's zero chance this place isn't haunted. If nothing else there's at least a handful of victims hangin around lookin for vengeance.


Clown motel scary puppets arranged on a rack
Clown motel scary puppets arranged on a rack

Clown Motel Rooms

Visitors to the inn have detailed odd chuckling all through the passageways and, as indicated by Perchetti, one man professed to awaken to a full-bodied jokester ghost. For servant Andrea Selig, it's been a serious issue.

"Whenever I come in here I simply get horrendous nervousness. I in a real sense feel like there's someone with me here." She likewise claims to have seen phantoms in the adjoining burial ground.

Anand has had a proclivity for comedians since he visited a bazaar as a 14-year-old. Whenever he came into ownership of the Clown Motel, he added his own assortment, an expected 200, to the current 800 dolls at the inn.

Notwithstanding his underlying distress, Anand has concluded that the inn's spooky inhabitants are considerate.

In spite of visitors announcing entryways shutting willingly, baffling murmurs, and his own experience hearing commotions in void rooms, Anand affirms "This was the means by which I realize that they were telling me, 'we are here, yet don't stress over that.'"

An opened door of clown motel room with a joker door-piece on it
An opened door of clown motel room with a joker door-piece on it

Clown Motel Cemetery

The Clown Motel is arranged straightforwardly close to the memorable Old Tonopah Cemetery, burying a considerable lot of Tonopah's earliest silver excavators who kicked the bucket in an awful mining mishap — the Belmont Mine Fire of 1911.

Alongside its undeniable comical subject, The Clown Motel has been named "America's Scariest Motel" because of its vicinity to the Tonopah graveyard grounds and included on Travel Channel's "Phantom Adventures."

Be certain to look at a Tonopah Ghost Walk assuming you're visiting the area for this extraordinary occasion, normally held throughout the late spring months.

Arranged precisely among Reno and Las Vegas, you'll find The Clown Motel on the north finish of Tonopah, a desert town overflowing with mining history and saturated with stories.

Complimentary wireless internet and free entryway espresso are presented at The Clown Motel, as are grill barbecues you can use on your porch. Pets are welcome with an extra expense, as well.

People Also Ask

What Movie Was Filmed At The Clown Motel In Nevada?

Recorded as Clown Motel: Spirits Arise on IMDb, the film stars Tony Moran, who was the un-concealed Michael Myers in Halloween 1978, and Ari Lehman who played Jason Voorhees as a youngster in the main Friday the thirteenth film.

How Many Clown Motel Movies Are There?

The World-Famous Clown Motel has been included in 7 films, 2 major TV shows, and in excess of 100 narratives and YouTube recordings. While in the anteroom, the X camera catches and Zak observes the hand of the enormous comedian doll moving off its leg.


The spot has a propensity for reserving, as a rule, so make certain to get your booking before you hit the road. The people at The Clown Motel will do all that to make your visit as agreeable as could really be expected, yet what occurs into the evening? Indeed, that is out of their hands…

Have you heard about snow in the Sahara Desert?

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