Coca-Cola Brilliantly Responds To Aldi’s “Rip-Off” Christmas Advert

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Published 05.11.18
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At this point I don’t even know if it’s true that the reason ol’ Father Christmas wears red is because Coca-Cola decided to change his costume to align with their brand.

With that said, it’s very believable and I’d expect nothing less of the brand who released a purposely horrible drink just do destroy the success of Crystal Pepsi. They’re mad b*stards.

It more or less goes without saying that whilst John Lewis have a monopoly on Christmas adverts, Coca-Cola also have a very strong hold on the whole “Christmas brand”. It’s gotten to the point now that we don’t even see anything odd with the concept of people gifting bottles of Coke to each other, so long as they have red ribbons tied around them.

It’s also dangerously easy for Coca-Cola to do their Christmas marketing. Year to year, every supermarket and big brand has to up their game, whilst the soft drink just churns out the same “big lorry covered in lights with a whispering choir in the background” vibe and we all lap it up.

So it’s weird that it’s taken this long for another company to rip it off.

Debuted a couple of years ago, Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot, has been a big hit in the Christmas advert game, and this year, Aldi decided to push the envelope with a slightly more risqué approach.

The trailer starts out looking exactly like one of Coca-Cola’s famous ones, with a bedazzled lorry driving though winding, winter roads, before revealing that it’s being driven by an animated carrot. Instantly people think this is a huge rip-off, but it’s pretty obvious that it’s more or a parody, rather than an idea being outright stolen.

But then things veer into The Italian Job territory, as the lorry end up dangled over a cliff-edge. Have a watch…

Instant Coke vibes.

To be fair, that carrot’s an idiot. It absolutely did not need a lorry for, like, one pallet of carrots. Get a van.

Anyway, people pointed out that Coke wouldn’t be happy with the advert and on the contrary, they responded with this…

Good sports. Mind you, free advertising.

Aldi came back with this:

So I guess they’re friends now?

Do Aldi even sell Coke, or are they all about the own-brand life?

All’s well that ends well. I’m sure Kevin the Carrot will be fine.

Life is so weird.

Images via Aldi, Coca-Cola

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