Come Play is a film coming out this Halloween and that’s rather appropriate given how scary it looks.

If you were to oversimplify the world of horror, then you could break in down into two sub-genres; jump-scare horrors and psychological horrors. The first type would be your Conjurings and the like, while the latter would be movies like The Witch.

Come Play looks like a bit of both, and seems like it’s going to be pretty popular when it is eventually released around Halloween.

The synopsis for the upcoming film is pretty short, reading “Parents fight to save their son when a mysterious creature uses his electronic devices to break into our world” and from the trailer, it’s pretty hard to ascertain anything else.


By all accounts, it’s your typical ‘unpopular and somewhat unusual kid forms a bond with an unwanted entity from another dimension’, but this time, because it’s 2020, he does so through his iPad.

Little Oliver is autistic and isn’t able to speak, so uses his iPad to communicate with others and to keep himself company, but he unwittingly possesses his immediate vicinity with something that looks like the slender man without the dapper suit.

The whole dialogue around this spooky chap is that he just wants a friend, so it would be a fun twist if at the end, he’s actually a real nice guy if you stop hiding from him and screaming whenever he shows up.

Sure, that wouldn’t be much of an ending to a horror film, but it would be different…

Stranger Things season 1 set in modern day, anyone?

If this seems like something you fancy watching when spooky season comes along, then you can fill your boots in cinemas only, come October 20, 2020.