Comedian’s Attempts At Recreating ‘Gym Couples’ Workouts Is Hilariously Disastrous

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Published 27.04.19

Instagram’s hottest couples can often be seen working out at the gym together. Comedian Arron Crascall has recreated these couples’ workouts to hilarious effect.

I have a strong aversion to going to the gym, largely because it bores me to tears.

Every time I go on a treadmill I’m constantly thinking to myself, ‘I would do absolutely anything to not be on this treadmill’ and ‘why have I done this to myself?’


Nowadays, though, the whole ‘couples who lift together, stay together’ mantra is constantly rammed down your throats by the hottest couples Instagram has to offer.

Bore off will you, or get a real job at the very least.

You know the couples I’m speaking of; they post sickening videos of themselves doing ridiculous workouts together in an attempt to make the rest of us feel bad.

Luckily, comedian Arron Crascall has tried to recreate these workout videos, showing how us normal people would get on.


Spoiler alert: he’s hilarious inept.


So ungraceful as well – exactly how I’d be.

Equally lazy people seemed to enjoy it:

Fair play to those couples who work out together, but I couldn’t do it.

My girlfriend and I are more of a stay at home and eat pizza and watch loads of Netflix kinda couple.

Horses for courses, really.

Images via Twitter/Arron Crascall/Getty