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Commuters Had Even Worn Plastic Bags And Boxes On Their Heads To Protect Themselves From Coronavirus


Commuters had even worn plastic bags and boxes on their heads to protect themselves from coronavirus. The need for heightened caution in light of the coronavirus outbreak is highly appreciated, especially in busy commuter locations like the tube.

However, it appears that some people are going above and beyond in an effort to keep themselves safe. It's so extreme that it might even be seen as slightly insane. Yes, commuters had even worn plastic bags and boxes on their heads to protect themselves from coronavirus

One woman was evidently so worried that she started riding the bus through the city with a clear plastic bucket or storage box on her back. (picture provided below). Novel but may be ineffective.

Other travelers have even been seen in Milton Keynes station and on the London underground with heavy-duty gas masks. Some people have even gone so far as to literally put Tesco carriers on their heads.

A woman wearing a transparent plastic bucket in bus to prevent being infected
A woman wearing a transparent plastic bucket in bus to prevent being infected

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/commuters-had-even-worn-plastic-bags-and-boxes-on-their-heads-to-protect-themselves-from-coronavirus/ by Dr. Felix Chaosphere on 2022-10-16T12:06:24.456Z

After all, experts have said over and over that face masks don't offer much protection, especially if they aren't worn right.

And let's be honest: a plastic box and a carrier bag are not, in any way, a protective masks. It's hardly a good idea to put something on your head that might actually prevent you from breathing.

Instead, people have been told to wash their hands often with sanitizer and not touch their mouths or eyes when they are out and about.

According to the WHO, a mask has "minimal effect" in preventing the spread of the virus, so healthy people should only wear one if they are caring for someone who is suspected of having the infection.

People Also Ask

What Are Safety Protocols For Covid-19?

  • Always wear a surgical mask. The mask needs to be replaced right away if it gets soiled or wet from secretions.
  • When you sneeze or cough, place a tissue over your mouth and throw it away right away.
  • Use alcohol-based disinfectants or soap and water to keep your hands clean.

How Can You Protect Yourself And Your Family From Covid-19?

  • Use soap and clean, running water to wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds.
  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer frequently if you don't have access to soap and water. Make sure the alcohol content is at least 60%.
  • Unless you have clean hands, avoid touching your mouth, nose, or eyes.

How To Avoid Covid-19 10 Steps?

  • Vaccinate yourself against COVID-19 if you are qualified.
  • After any exercise, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Put on a mask or a face covering made of cloth.
  • Maintain your distance from others.
  • "High-touch" surfaces should be cleaned often.
  • Cover sneezes and coughs.
  • Maintain daily health checks.


Commuters had even worn plastic bags and boxes on their heads to protect themselves from coronavirus but this is of no use. The internet is full of false information, with many social media users spreading "hazardous" falsehoods that say they may prevent you from getting the coronavirus.

The WHO has dubbed this a "infodemic" and issued a warning that the dissemination of false information and conspiracies may potentially lead to an increase in cases in the UK.

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