Thousands of people have gone vegan for January, as Veganuary is in full swing once again.

They’re not doing it for money though – either for the animals, for health or out of curiosity for a challenge.

A company knows some people might take a bit more persuasion – in the form of cold, hard cash.

Vibrant Vegan is a meal subscription company and now they’re on the lookout for the UK’s biggest meat lover. They’re offering the equivalent of a £50k salary to eat a completely plant-based diet for three months.

If chosen, you don’t have to spend your money stocking up on vegan food, either. You’ll also receive an unlimited supply of vegan ready meals, just to make it even easier.

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The part-time role is titled ‘Vegan Curious Coordinator’. The chosen person will sign a contract pledging to not consume any animal byproducts while trialling, testing and encouraging others to try vegan living on social media. 

They’d also like you to share your thoughts on their ready meals. The main part of the role will focus on speaking to other meat-eaters about your experiences of making the switch.

At the end of the three months, you’lll be asked whether you want to sign another contract. This time it would commit you to a vegan diet for the rest of 2021.

There’s no extra cash for doing so – but you’ll secure a lifetime supply of Vibrant Vegan meals. That’s worth £100,000! Imagine not having to go food shopping.


 Vibrant Vegan are hoping the experiment will give “a real-life account of plant-based diets and encourage more Brits to become vegan curious in 2021”.
They say: “We surveyed 1,500 meat eaters and discovered that a third admit that they are ‘vegan-curious’. We also took a look at Google Trends search data to discover that more people than ever have been googling about vegan diets with searches peaking each January. In 2020 vegan related searches were three times higher than they were in 2017.”
“This coincides with the Veganuary non-profit initiative which began in 2014 and now receives 100 times more search interest than it did when it began, indicating that people are becoming more and more vegan curious each year” they explain.
“To help people on-the-fence, we decided that we show them that even die-hard meat eaters can enjoy the benefits of a vegan diet, which is why we are now on the hunt for the UK’s biggest meat lover this Veganuary.”

If you want apply, simply click here.

The winner will be selected on January 25th, and their vegan journey will begin on 1st February.

To apply, you must currently eat meat, and be aged between 18 to 65 years old.

You’ll have to prove your meat-loving diet and explain why you’re the right one for the role.
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