Cop Suspended After Messaging A Woman Whose Plates He Ran Because He Fancied Her

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Published 18.06.20

A police officer went viral for all of the wrong reasons after he started messaging a woman, having run her number plates through the system because he fancied her.

It must be pretty shit to be one of the good police officers right now. It’s just constant bad press, following the murder of George Floyd and beyond that, general abuse of power.

You know when someone swipes a girl right on Tinder but doesn’t get a match, so ends up looking them up on Instagram and messaging them there? This guy basically did the cop version of that.

Having seen a pretty lady driving a car and not having an excuse to pull her over or act like a normal human being, he decided to run her number plates through the system and find out her name and probably some more information.

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His weird, weird, weird methods worked and lo and behold he got a hold of her on Facebook and began to message her. In a twist worthy of M. Night Shyamalan though, she wasn’t into it, and shared the policeman’s creepy antics online.

Emily Hackler described what happened to her on Facebook, writing:

So some creep decided to follow me on my way home from planet fitness. Turns out he works for the rossford police department and used my plate number to figure out who I was, to message me personally and tell me how hot I was. Can you say HARASSMENT

She then followed that up with an update, saying:

Another update: the officer has been suspended with his badge and gun taken away! They are going to start an underground investigation starting tomorrow morning. Thank you everyone for your positive words and encouragement!

Update: the officer has resigned!!!!So some creep decided to follow me on my way home from planet fitness. Turns out…

Posted by Emily Hackler on Monday, 15 June 2020

Dangerously weird behaviour and now he’s lost his gig. Nice one, mate.

I mean come on. What was he thinking?!

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