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Cops Make Mistakes - Speed The Police Car Up Instead Of Slowing It Down


You may believe that the police did not treat you properly when you were pulled over, but does this imply that your rights were violated? It all depends on what transpired, but if the cops do not follow the regulations, you should be held accountable. We are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in court. Even cops make mistakes.

Police job is difficult and demanding, and as a result, busy officers frequently make mistakes while stopping people and detaining them for DWI. Even one of these errors might have a significant impact on your case. We list down the most often mistakes that cops made.

Reddit User Posted "Even Cops Make Mistakes"

In this video posted by a Reddit user named knubey with a caption that "even cops make mistakes", a police car with a siren on was trying to turn and the mistake mentioned happened. See the video below.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/cops-make-mistakes/ by Morgan Maverick on 2022-04-18T09:49:07.024Z

Everything was fine and suddenly cops showed up to give us a little laugh. All the cars are not moving because the stoplights are in color red when suddenly, a police car was trying to turn when he accidentally stepped on the power for turning instead of braking of the car that causing the car to cross over its lane and destroy two road signs. On top of that, the road signs and the police car nudged a red car a little. Luckily, no serious accidents happened, just a little scratch in the car and a little funny accident.

How To Trail Brake?

Trail braking is a high-performance driving method that works on almost any course.1 It's especially useful for front or all-wheel drive cars, which might lose traction if driven like a rear-wheel-drive vehicle. Trail braking seems to be a driver slamming on the brakes hard before diving into a turn, then swiftly pointing the nose toward the exit and unleashing full power. To put it another way, it's a nice braking-initiated drift. It's quick if you do it correctly.

Trail braking consists of three key phases. “We teach it [as] brake hard, turn in, then trail off to fix," explains Andrew Caddell, a driving teacher at DirtFish Rally School in Snoqualmie, Washington. “You’re coming into a corner with a lot of speed,” he says. “You’ve got to get that speed taken off to still be able to make the corner.”

Staying on the brakes as the car enters the corner causes additional weight to be transmitted to the front tires. This increases front-end grip and aids the car's turning into the bend.

Simultaneously, keeping that weight off the back tires reduces their grip, allowing the rear end of the automobile to spin. When used appropriately, this approach assists the driver in directing the vehicle and avoiding understeer, or pushing to the outside of a bend.

Video unavailable
This video is unavailable

Trail braking, on the other hand, isn't appropriate for every bend. Once you understand the mechanics of the strategy, you'll be able to use it more effectively. In a comment in this Reddit thread, a user pointed out that the police officer the drove the car should have trail brake to avoid that accident.

Here Are More Common Cops Mistakes

Most people believe that an arrest automatically results in a conviction, but what they may not realize is that many cases that appear hopeless only require a closer examination. One of the most prevalent causes for criminal defense cases being dropped or resulting in a not guilty conviction is due to errors made by law enforcement. Here are some of the most typical mistakes made by cops that will make you say that even cops make mistakes.

Illegal Stops

The fourth amendment protects you from illegal law enforcement stops. If an officer has a reasonable suspicion that you committed a crime, they may detain you for a short period of time to determine the validity of their suspicion. However, criminal defense attorneys have frequently demonstrated in court that the police may not have had enough reasonable suspicion to stop you or that you were kept for longer than necessary to corroborate their allegations. If one of these is found to be true, the officer's information may be withheld in court.

Lack Of Probable Cause

When the police approach your home to arrest you, you must not give in until you have seen an arrest warrant. This is because you have the right to know why you were detained. It is against the law if you are driving with your family and the cops stop you for no reason. They must have a good reason to stop you. Most police officers explain the crime by claiming that the defendant appeared 'out of place' or 'suspicious.' This is, however, prohibited. When legal processes are underway, make sure to bring it to the attention of the attorney or the judge.

Failure To Read Your Miranda Rights

Before police may interview you, they must recite your Miranda Rights to you. If they do not comply, whatever information you provided to them may be suppressed in court. However, if you have been given your Miranda Rights, DO NOT answer any questions until a Criminal Defense Attorney is present.

Improper Paperwork And Lost Evidence

Affidavits, like search warrants, can contain inaccurate information or even fraudulent claims from officers, which can result in suppressed evidence and, in certain cases, the dismissal of a case. Furthermore, in a busy atmosphere such as a police or sheriff's department, it is simple for an officer to make a mistake that results in lost evidence. A lawyer might ask for the testimony concerning the missing evidence to be excluded or the case to be dismissed.


This Reddit post showed that even cops make mistakes just like average citizens. Instead of slowing down, the police officer pressed power to speed it up causing a light accident and a little laugh for those who witnessed it, maybe except for the driver or the red car who received a scratch form that little accident.

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