‘Coronavirus Challenge’ Is The Dumbest Thing To Happen On TikTok

AvatarHannah Humphreys in News, Weird
Published 16.03.20

You can always count on the stupidity of TikTok users to come up with a dumb and ridiculously risky challenge amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

I mean, it really begs belief – after all, its predominantly a younger generation following such users on TikTok and it is anything but responsible to start licking objects that could potentially infect you with coronavirus.


22-year old, TikTok user, Ava Louise demonstrates all in the new ‘corona challenge’ whilst travelling on a plane.

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Chase clout but make it hot

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This is coming from a woman who said she would rather die than be ugly BTW.


Well, her exact words were ‘I’d rather die hot than live ugly’ – perhaps, that’s why she was so concerned with flicking back her hair prior to licking a toilet seat.

coronavirus challenge


Rank and never advisable even if we weren’t so concerned with hygiene right now.

She probably disinfected it first (you would hope) but all the same.

I know my toilet is ‘hinched’ enough to eat off but doesn’t mean to say I’d slide my tongue across the seat.

It seems some people will go to any lengths for viral notoriety even if it means putting their health at risk.


Ava Louise insists she had ‘cloroxed’ the toilet seat prior to licking the toilet seat and only posted the TikTok video to get featured on news outlet CNN.


She claims she has made $4,000 from her viral stunt but the video has now been removed from TikTok.

All cells in my body decline to play ball with that.

Sorry not sorry.