Coronavirus: Government Warns Brits To Avoid Pubs, Restaurants And Travelling

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Published 16.03.20

Government escalates coronavirus response by warning all Brits to avoid pubs, restaurants and non-essential travel

The Government will be addressing the nation daily via televised news conferences, providing fresh updates on COVID-19 every 24 hours.


The first of these televised news conferences was broadcast earlier this afternoon from Downing Street.

The PM stressed to the nation that coronavirus cases in the UK could double every five or six days if they don’t take “drastic action” now.


Boris stated that anyone exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 (high temperature and/or new, persistent cough) should now self-isolate in their homes for 14 days. The PM said that these individuals should “not go out, even to buy food or essentials, other than for exercise and in that case at a safe distance from others.”

The PM also said that, where possible, everyone should be working at home and avoiding travel. All Brits – especially Londoners– should also make every effort to avoid large public gatherings, steering clear from the likes of pubs, bars, restaurants, cinemas and theatres.


Mr Johnson said:

“Now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact and to stop all non-essential travel.”

While delivering his new measures, the PM insisted that pregnant women, people over the age of 70 and those with pre-existing health conditions should consider the new advice with “particular importance”.

Boris added that by the weekend, those with “the most serious health conditions” must be “largely shielded from social contact for around 12 weeks”.


The PM added that this new advice is “worth it” to make sure the NHS can cope as it deals with the COVID-19 pandemic.

He advised Londoners to pay particular attention to all government advice regarding coronavirus, as the spread of COVID-19 in the capital is “a few weeks ahead” of other parts of the UK.

Shoppers walk on a quiet Oxford Street, central London on March 14, 2020, following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19.


The Prime Minister or another “senior” minister will be taking part in a televised news conference every day – with today’s being the first – updating the nation on the COVID-19 situation and delivering new measures and advice as and when.

According to the government’s chief scientific advisor, Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK is about three weeks behind the current state of Italy, which has been put into total lockdown in response to the spread of COVID-19.

Over 1,000 cases of coronavirus have now been reported in the UK, however, the Government revealed last week that the real number could, in fact, be between 5,000 and 10,000. As of today, 36 people in the UK have died as a result of the COVID-19 illness.

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