Costa Launches Its New Spring Menu And There’s Pink Hot Chocolate

Emily CaponEmily Capon in News, UK
Published 03.01.20

Just in time for ‘Veganuary’, a new line up of plant-based drinks, snacks and treats has graced Costa’s menu, making 2020 its biggest year for contributions to the annual push for plant-powered products.

The coffee shop chain has given us a little helping-hand with our New Year’s resolutions by adding a new selection of vegan delights to their menu, along with some new favourites like a pink Ruby cocoa bean hot chocolate.

I’ve been vegan-ish for two years now, but I’m always late to the party when it comes to new products. Over two months after its release, I still hadn’t had a chance to try the Gregg’s vegan sausage roll, which really disappointed more people than I’d like to admit.


My friend rescued me from being blacklisted from the club when he surprised me with one, and I can affirm that it really does live up to all of those expectations. Their new vegan steak bake has just been met with levels of hysteria, and Costa seems to be taking the hint.

What’s on Costa’s new spring menu?

Leading the way in Costa’s plant-based additions are the Coconut Latte (£2.55), a Coconut Hot Chocolate (£3.35) and a Coconut Flat White (£2.70). I still kind of have no idea what a flat white is, but I’ll give it a go for the movement.

It’s not only vegan drinks that have been added, though. A new food favourite for vegans is sure to be the new Vegan Smoky Ham and ‘CheeZe’ Toastie, with Quorn ham for only £2.95. What a steal!

As well as the vegan additions, from today we’ll be able to get our hands on the new Ruby cocoa hot chocolate.


Perfectly pink and Instagram-worthy, the hot chocolate is ‘infused with sweet berry flavours’ that are unlike the standard milk, white and dark varieties. I hear it goes nicely with the new Vegan Strawberry Croissant (£1.95) for a truly pink experience.

Picture it: it’s Valentine’s Day, and it’s gloomy outside. You reach a Costa, dashingly whisking your unassuming significant other inside.

You order two Ruby hot chocolates and sip them romantically, if sipping romantically is a thing that can be done.


This IS modern romance, you think. You commemorate the tender moment forever with an Instagram story.

Congratulations to Costa for improving yet another public holiday.

Then you whisper those three immortal words: ‘Vegan Strawberry Croissant?’

Images via Costa