Couples Who Live Apart Should Either Not See Each Other Or Move In Together During Lockdown, Warns UK Government

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Published 24.03.20

Couples who live apart should either not see other at all or move in together during coronavirus lockdown, warns UK government

This could make or break a lot of new relationships.

This is why I choose to live in gay sin, FYI.

I couldn’t be handling relationship drama and a forthcoming apocalypse.


The UK government has today asked that couples living in separate homes make a brutal decision immediately: either “test the strength” of your relationship and move in together immediately or remain apart, while the UK is under lockdown.

The country is currently under a new type of lockdown in a bid to dramatically prevent the spread of COVID-19 across the country. Individuals must now stay at home indefinitely, only to leave the house for these reasons.


Deputy chief medical officer Jenny Harries made things clear during a “virtual press conference” earlier today.

Harries ended confusion over whether couples risk being slammed with a £30 fine (expected to be brought into effect on Thursday) if they go out to meet one another during the three-week lockdown.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Jenny Harries.

Harries said:

“The principle is that we want people to stay in their household units primarily. The reason for that is because if you have an infection you are very close with your family members, so your risk of exposure to the virus is pretty similar usually across the family. We almost expect another member of the family to get that unless they’re applying very, very stringent precautions.


“So if two individuals – two halves of a couple – are currently in separate households, then ideally they should stay in those households.

“The alternative might be that for quite a significant period going forward they should just test the strength of their relationship and decide whether one wishes to be permanently resident in another household.

“The issue here is that we do not want to have people switching in and out of households. It would defeat the purpose of the reduction in social interactions and would allow transmission of disease.

“So perhaps test really carefully your strength of feeling and stay with the household either together or apart, but keep it that way while we go forward because otherwise we will not all be working towards achieving our outcome.”


Health secretary Matt Hancock added:

“There you go – make the choice and stick with it.”

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