Crash Bandicoot could be on the way back in a brand new mobile game, which is both good and bad news.

As a child, despite being a PlayStation boy, I never had a Crash Bandicoot game. It was a sad state of affairs that has always left me weirdly enamoured with the little orange guy. For some reason though, I’ve never bought one of his games as an adult. I guess I just grew up.


Things could be changing for me though, as it looks like Crash Bandicoot is coming to mobile – which admittedly isn’t great – and by all accounts, that will be cheaper than buying a PS4 game.

crash bandicoot king

I’ve got to be honest, I very rarely get involved in a mobile game. I’ll download one, play it a bit until my phone gets too hot to hold, notice I’ve lost more than half of my battery, and then I’ll never open it again.


Despite that, I for some reason won’t delete the game?


Anyway, according to leaks, Crash Bandicoot will be coming to your mobile phone, in the form of an endless runner game, similar to Temple Run. Yeah, not great.

What kind of game is it?

The leak appears to be from facebook ads, prematurely advertising the game made my King; the people behind Candy Crush.

Essentially, you’ll be constantly running as Crash, swiping from left to right to avoid TNT, collect fruit and bash through crates, with jump, slide, spin and surf functionalities.


crash bandicoot mobile

The additions of things like Blaze Pods and Serums seem to be a way of sneakily introducing in-app purchasing, which is never welcome, but seems to be the way with modern gaming; especially in the world of handheld.


Honestly, Crash Bandicoot is a fox, isn’t he? He’s definitely not a bandicoot. This is what a bandicoot looks like…

real bandicoot

And this is what Crash Bandicoot looks like…


mobile game

He’s a fox. He just is.

It’s just a shame that Crash Fox is a terrible name.

Images via Activision, Getty