Des managed to terrify audiences with its horrific true storyline alongside the gripping acting of David Tennant. The team behind the series now looks set to address more true crime.

For many, the true-crime series Des was one of the highlights of ITV’s recent programming. The writers behind the series are now working on a new project that focuses on another serial killer, Peter Sutcliffe (known as The Yorkshire Ripper). However, it seems that the team will also explore how the murders impacted the families of the victims and this new approach could lead to some compelling television.

Peter Sutcliffe killed 13 women and attempted to murder seven more. His victims were primarily sex workers and by the time he was arrested and charged over a 1,000 officers had been attempting to catch him as a result of his crimes which spanned multiple years. The murderer left 23 children without a mother and the new series will encompass this horrible result of his crimes.

George Kay who wrote Des explained the new project told Metro:

“In a story full of eye-watering statistics, one for me has always stood out – Peter Sutcliffe rendered 23 children motherless. That one fact in itself demands that any definitive drama about this case should encompass far more than just the story of a police investigation. ‘We will focus not just on the police … but the victims, their families, those who were attacked but not believed, those who whose lives were permanently changed. ‘This is not the story of a Ripper who hailed from Yorkshire, but the story of how Yorkshire was ripped apart.”

Executive producer Paul Whittington also noted the greater impact of the crimes:

“By placing the victims, their families and the survivors at the heart of this story, George has crafted an excavation of British social history that goes far beyond the infamy. ‘His writing sensitively reveals and humanises the untold number of lives devastated by these crimes, and powerfully exposes the enduring legacy of the failings of the biggest manhunt in British criminal history. ‘This is a vital story about class prejudice, pervasive and entrenched societal sexism and women simply not being heard that still has relevance today.”

The retelling of events is based upon Michael Bilton’s book Wicked Beyond Belief: The Hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper. If the series is anything like Des it will haunt viewers, but it seems that it will also delve deeper into the impact of these kinds of serial crimes.

Look forward to being unsettled.

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