The Woods lands on Netflix today and boy is that a sweet relief for people with no weekend plans.

Despite enjoying both The Stranger and Safe, I’ve already gone on record to bemoan just how similar they were – so similar in fact that I can’t remember which was which.

I guess the old adage ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ can be applied here, but generally speaking they were decent watches.

We’ve known for a while now that Harlan Coben’s other book – The Woods – was also getting turned into a Netflix series, and the first look dropped last month.

Check it out:

I mean the obvious difference here is that it’s in another language (Polish I believe) and not set in a posh part of Manchester, so at least he’s deviated a bit.

It also looks a lot darker than The Stranger and Safe so if you’re into that sort of thing lucky you.

Based on his novel of the same name, it tells the tale of four teenagers who got lost in the woods decades earlier.

According to Deadline, the six-part series – which is being financially supported by the Polish Film Institute – is set in two time spans: 1994 and 2019.

Twenty years on from the mysterious event, Paul Copeland – a prosecutor who is the brother of one of the missing children – is linked to a homicide victim whose body has been found.The series will therefore detail the aftermath of the disappearance, the investigation that followed and exactly what happens when detectives revisit the case 20 years on.

The author previously tweeted the announcement saying:

Thrilled to announce this:
Netflix. Worldwide.
June 12.
Put it your watchlist now

Michael Azzolino, Director of International Originals at Netflix, added: “We are excited to announce that our second original series for Poland will be an adaptation of Harlan Coben’s dual timeline mystery The Woods.

“ATM Grupa has assembled a top notch team of producers, writers and directors who have created a faithful adaptation of the book while adding local nuance and specificity of character to complete a gripping tale of innocence lost and the power of redemption.”

Director Leszek Dawid also said: “The Woods is a story full of secrets – a story you will want to follow. Try as hard as you might to bury unresolved issues from the past, but one day they will find their way back to you anyway.

“What I find fascinating is the way the film deals with the idea of a carefree adolescence. Looking back at the time in your life when you lived your most beautiful but, at the same time, your most atrocious experiences. Learning the truth. You cannot go any further without doing that.”

Fair to say that if you liked his previous two series, you’ll like this, and if you’re stuck in limbo waiting for Dark season 3, this might keep you ticking over.

The Woods is available to stream now.

Images via Netflix