Croc gloves are a real invention and this is not even slightly a prank.

Crocs are essentially just one big ol’ meme that went too far, aren’t they?

They’re just awful, but somehow they managed to go from being a huge fashion faux pas to being sort of cool in an ironic way.


I won’t stand for it all and the existence of all of these new Croc-based accessories that keep sprouting up is unacceptable.

People lap them up though, so I guess they have some kind of value? Actually no, in he infallible words of Super Hans…



With that in mind something awful has happened, as Croc gloves now sort of exist.

Do you like looking like a tw*t and not being able to bend your fingers? Well then these are the gloves for you.



Courtesy of Matt Benedetto, fingerless Croc-inspired gloves are now a part of the world we live in. Utilising his 3D printer, Benedetto made these presumably as a cruel joke to society and posted them to Instagram.


Along with his Instagram, Benedetto is primarily known for his project Unnecessary Inventions, where he showcases all sorts of pointless things he’s made for a laugh.

Here are a few examples of his handy work…



Just a man with a lot of time, a 3D printer and a bone to pick with society.

I’ve come to respect him…

Images via Instagram