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Crocodile Finds The Body Of A Drowned Child And Brings It Back In Indonesia


A crocodile finds the body of a drowned child and brings it backintact to rescuers a mile from the spot where he drowned in an Indonesian river.

The East Kalimantan province's Jawa Estuary is where the youngster, Muhammad Ziyad Wijaya, was last seen two days earlier.

A startling video from Borneo's Mahakam River shows that the enormous crocodile finds the body of a drowned child and brings it back.

When puzzled fishermen first noticed the 10-foot lizard, it was swimming in the direction of a boat across the estuary bay.

The snake, which is usually one of nature's most cruel killers, left the boy's body next to a boat, where two men were seen bringing the body on board.

It indicated that the family's son could be found.

There were no bite marks on the body, according to the local media.

The child they were seeking for was discovered to be being carried by a crocodile, according to information provided to members of the East Kalimantan Search and Rescue Agency.

The team's commander, Melkanius Kotta, stated:

We believe the crocodile actually assisted in the hunt for the victim. Nothing is missing. Everything is intact.- Melkanius Kotta

Unidentified bystander captured the amazing scene as two men in the boat took the lifeless toddler.

The crocodile then submerged beneath the water's surface.

Still, no one knows why Muhammad drowned or if crocodiles in the estuary had anything to do with it.

Initial evidence suggests that the young child fell into the river by accident while playing.

When the video went viral, many people who saw it online thought that the crocodile gave Muhammad up on purpose out of instinct and kindness.

Although they murder 1,000 people a year on average, crocodiles rarely go hunting for people.

Between 2007 and 2016, there were 221 crocodile attacks in Borneo, which led to 129 fatalities, according to ResearchGate.

The most reported attacks were in Sarawak and East Kalimantan.

A man was devoured alive by a crocodile in February last year while taking a dip in an Indonesian river.

A 13-foot crocodile dragged Luther, 51, beneath him as he took a bath in the water in the province of North Kalimantan, despite the efforts of his friends to frighten the reptile away.

People say that Borneo is home to three types of crocodiles: the saltwater, the Siamese, and the Tomistoma.


In Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan, a crocodile finds the body of a drowned child and brings it back. That crocodile that was captured on camera using a smartphone is seen carrying a child's body over its head along the bank of the Mahakam river (Indonesia). At first, the man who took the video was unaware that the crocodile was transporting a 4-year-old boy's body.

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