Crocs With Socks Are The Perfect Fashion Item For People Who Love Wearing Socks And Sandals

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Published 11.06.19

Crocs with socks are now a thing and you better get telling your friends that love wearing socks and sandals.

I wrote that headline and realised I’m absolutely 100% in that category.

Although in my case it’s sliders rather than Crocs, but they’re in the same ballpark aren’t they?

My flatmate, Joe, is an absolute square and I have no qualms telling the world that. Often he’ll ridicule me for wandering around the flat in my socks and sandals, telling me that I look like a wannabe gangster, but trust me when I say he has no room to talk about fashion.


He looks like his mum still picks his outfits out for him.

Anyway, society mostly condemns the ol’ socks and sandals combo, despite what us fashionistas think.

Finally, though, the fashion gods have listened to us by fusing the best of both to create one uber garment.

It’s Crocs with socks already attached to them. Genius? Insane? The line is often blurred between the two.

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Alife® Crocs™ available now online and in store. ©2018

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Yep, it appears as though Crocs have teamed up with the streetwear company Alife to unleash an all-new collection of their multicoloured plastic shoes on the world.

They’re Crocs, with socks!


Sadly, they’re $140 a pair though, which is kind of outrageous when you could just stick a pair of socks onto normal Crocs yourself.

Fashion ey?

Failing that, you could always go for these crocs with ‘fanny packs’ on them as the Americans say.

They come courtesy of Crocs and Japanese company Beams and they’ll only set you back £40. So yeah, not a bad halfway house.

Is it weird that I think these are an absolute monstrosity yet I quite like the ones with the socks?


Shame I don’t have a spare $140 lying around.

F*ck it, the fanny pack ones it is.

Images via Crocs