Curtis’s Bold Instagram Message To Maura Before They Entered The Villa Has Been Revealed!

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Published 12.07.19

In the wake of Amy Hart leaving the Love Island villa, Curtis has found himself at the centre of a love triangle.

Maura and new girl Francesca are vying for the professional dancer’s attention, but it’s Francesca who seems to have the upper hand at the moment after choosing Curtis to couple up with.

However, Curtis is still open to getting to know both girls, and with Maura’s lapdance and general persistence, you wouldn’t bet against her getting her man.

And the two certainly have previous, as Curtis has been flirting with since last year.

Curtis previously stated to Danny Williams he had messaged Maura before the show, saying: ‘Maura, I messaged her on Instagram one time saying she’s really good looking.’

And now that private message has been obtained by The Sun, where Curtis is seen telling Maura: ‘You are stunning…’

Oooh err.

Apparently though, Maura, didn’t reply to Curtis’ advances at the time. A source close to Curtis said:

“Curtis was taken with Maura’s beauty so couldn’t resist sending her a cheeky message.

‘He was embarrassed that she ignored him as he doesn’t often slide into girls’ DMs.

‘He assumed she wasn’t interested. He loved ogling her sexy shots.’

This comes after it was revealed that islanders are having secret sex in the villa but TV bosses are refusing to show us.

According to reports, it’s not being shown on TV because panicked bosses don’t want to “ruin their lives”.

Yes, that’s right, late-night romps have been scrapped and will never be shown to viewers to avoid embarrassing Islanders when they inevitably later regret their steamy bedtime antics.

A TV insider told The Sun:There’s a few couples having sex in the villa but it hasn’t been shown on TV – bosses are worried about upsetting them and fear ruining their lives.”

“Everyone is being extra careful about the well-being of the cast and how they will deal with the aftermath if their sex scenes are shown.

“Most of them have said they’re not comfortable with their sex scenes being broadcast and bosses have taken it all into account – many go on to regret having sex on camera because of how they’re viewed by the public and their employers.

“ITV bosses are being extra cautious after suicides and it’s easier to not show the sex – if it happens it’s alluded to in the commentary by Iain Stirling rather than explicitly shown – chances are we might never see anyone have sex on Love Island again.”

Just let us set it already!


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