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Cyclist Was Claiming That He Got Hit Until He Saw The Video


In a video on Reddit, a cyclist was claiming that he got hit until he saw the video.

With 16.6k upvotes, the video shows a cyclist running into an accident when he tried to merge from the cyclist's path to the main road.

The video provided below, shot from the dashcam of a car, shows that three men are riding their bicycles on the side of the road. Suddenly, one of the cyclists tried to move on the main road but runs into an accident.

According to the caption of a video, the cyclist was claiming that he got hit until he saw the video.

A Reddit userGGprime asked about the cycling path, "Can someone explain the road here? It looks like a cycling path just ends right after the crossection. What is the cyclist supposed to do?"

Another Reddit user explained about cyclist paths, "Cycle lanes regularly just stop. Guess he has to merge carefully. No idea what this guy was trying to do."

A Reddit user guessed, "I think he was trying to merge but then hit a speed bump at a weirdangle?"

A Reddit user fredentix explained the situation, "There looks like there's a square drain cover on the right side of the road just before the speed bump. The cyclist may have been trying to avoid it and trying to get in front of the car instead of slowing down."

If you have no idea of what happened in the above video, let me share some basic terms and rules about this like what are cycling paths, how should a biker merge, and also what is the main cause of these bicycle accidents.

Cycle Path Meaning

A road or route that is clearly designated and designed specifically for persons riding bicycles.

A cycling track is a far more secure mode of transportation than traveling on crowded main roads.

A cycle track can help lower the likelihood of crashes and the total number of road-traffic incidents because it removes cyclists from the competition for road space with motor vehicles.

Benefits Of Cycle Lanes

The plan for the cycle paths was conceived as a comprehensive multi-purpose tool to promote increased cycling for commuting shorter distances, as well as the increased use of public transportation for commuting longer distances via a better-integrated transportation system.

  • A safer drive. A protected cycling network allows for the more orderly movement of cyclists, which in turn reduces the number of collisions between cars and bicycles.
  • There will be less traffic.
  • More secure walkways.
  • Reduced levels of both noise and pollution.
  • ost savings related to transportation.
  • Healthier residents.
  • Independent kids.
Two cyclists riding bicycle on road
Two cyclists riding bicycle on road

How Can I Improve My Cycling Path?

To make the experience of walking and cycling more pleasant, make full use of the available infrastructural alternatives:

  • Streets were made more pedestrian-friendly and sidewalks were made wider.
  • Elevated, separated, and widened lanes for bicycle traffic.
  • Infrastructure for renting bicycles.
  • Infrastructure designed to ensure the safety of bicycle parking.
  • Signaling for traffic lights gives pedestrians and cyclists a higher priority than other road users.

Maintenance Of A Cycle Path To Avoid Accidents

It is essential that bicycle networks be well maintained if they are to be of any utility.

This has consistently been a challenge since there has never been a system that is adequately equipped to handle this responsibility.

Over the course of the past few years, regular maintenance has been performed as part of the overall operation to maintain the highway.

This has some drawbacks because the employees aren't very knowledgeable about the different levels of assistance that are required to make cycling safe and comfortable for riders.

The fact that a system and employees that are specialized in highway maintenance are not physically well suited for cycling route inspection is a further factor that contributes to this problem.

Sometimes immediate attention is required, but only on a relatively minor scale.

For instance, if someone reports broken glass on a bike route, it needs to be cleaned up on the same day that it was reported.

It is quite challenging to acquire the standard highway maintenance personnel and machinery.

White cycle on a blue background road sign
White cycle on a blue background road sign

Cycle Track Guidelines

What Is Cycle Crossing?

A bicycle crossing is a section of the road that is marked with road markings and road signs to indicate that it is intended for use by cyclists or class II moped riders in order to cross a road or a cycle path.

This section of the road is called a bicycle crossing.

A bicycle crossing must be constructed in such a way that it prevents vehicles from traveling at a speed of more than 30 kilometers per hour.

What Is The Minimum Width For A Cycle Path?

  • The minimum cycle lane width is 1.50 meters.
  • The width of a dividing verge between parking lanes and bike tracks should be at least 0.80 meters, while 1.00 meters is the ideal width for this separation.

What Is 2-Way Cycle Track Width?

Two-way cycle track - The width of the cycle track should ideally be between 1.75 and 3.50 meters, based on the volume of cyclists using the track.

Minimum width of 1.8 meters should be maintained for the footway that is located between the cycling track and the main road.

Nevertheless, the optimal width ought to be determined by the volume of foot traffic.

What Is Mandatory Cycle Lane?

A cycle lane is denoted by a continuous white line with no breaks in it.

It is "mandatory" in the sense that motorists are not authorized to use it, but it is required for bicycles to use it.

It is illegal for motorists to cross the solid white line that is painted on the road.

Types Of Bicycle Accidents

Claims involving fatal bicycle accidents are handled by a specialized team of medical negligence solicitors at Healys LPP.

This team brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to these cases.

Their goal is to provide claimants with the most compensation possible while also delivering a legal service that is sensitive and cutting-edge.

On the following page, we will go over the many kinds of accidents for which you might be eligible to file a claim.

Fatal Injuries Compensation

According to the provisions of the law governing claims for fatal injuries, any of the following may be eligible for financial compensation:

  • A current or previous partner in wedlock.
  • A civil partner or previous civil partner.
  • A cohabitee (if he or she had lived with the deceased for at least two years).
  • A parent of the person who passed away.
  • A child or some other type of descendant.
  • A child who was raised as though they were the biological parent.

Types Of Non-Fault Cycling Accidents

  • Motorists emerge into the path of cyclists.
  • Motorists turn across the path of cyclists.
  • Car door collisions.
A lady running towards a mcyclist who was hit by her car
A lady running towards a mcyclist who was hit by her car

Types Of Road Surface Cycling Accidents

Accidents and the injuries that follow them can sometimes be traced back to a road surface or cycleway that is in poor condition and has been damaged.

Claims in these kinds of situations can be complicated and challenging, but with the help of an exceptional medical negligence lawyer, it is possible to be successful in pursuing compensation for damages.

Cycle lanes- Lanes designated exclusively for use by cyclists are known as bicycle lanes.

As a consequence of this, it is perfectly logical to anticipate that they will, in fact, be risk-free to employ.

Contact Healys' bicycle accident claims team as soon as possible if you have sustained an injury while traveling in a cycle lane as a result of any of the hazards listed above, including potholes, drainage issues, or any other danger.

Uneven Surface Of Road - Large cracks and potholes in the road present a significant risk to bicycles, and this risk is amplified in areas of the road that are also frequented by motor vehicles.

If you have been injured as a result of conditions that can be attributed to a bad road surface, the bike accident injury solicitors at Healys LPP can assist you in determining the most appropriate way to proceed with your case.

Surfaces in parks that are unsafe for bicycling- Cycling is allowed in and encouraged in many of the parks located throughout the UK.

On the other hand, if the road surface you were cycling on had not been properly maintained and it caused you to experience an injury as a result, it is likely that you will be able to file a claim for damages.

People Also Ask

How Common Are Cycling Accidents?

The number of recorded bicycle accidents in the United States decreased to 45,000 in 2015 from 50,000 the year before, when there were claimed to be 50,000 incidents. On the other hand, throughout this same time period, there was a more than 12 percent increase in the number of fatal accidents.

What Are The Most Common Cycling Accidents?

The following six factors were found to be the most common causes of injury to cyclists: A car ran him over (30 percent), fell (17 percent), unsafe and poorly maintained roadway (13 percent), rider mistake (13 percent), accident or collision with a stationary object (7 percent).

Where Do Most Cycling Accidents Occur?

At intersections, cyclists are involved in a deadly accident twenty-seven percent of the time. Besides intersections, there was another part of the road near the intersection area that was responsible for 63 percent of the accidents.


Have you watched the Reddit video a cyclist was claiming that he got hit until he saw the video? What is your opinion?

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