Dad Wears Mask Of Wife’s Face And Her Clothes To Stop Their Baby Crying

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Published 07.11.19

A dad has gone viral after wearing a mask of his wife’s face as well as her pyjamas to set their baby at ease and stop it crying…

Listen, I’m going to go ahead and get the meme out of the way. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw this headline and it may have been for you…

illusion 100



Anyway, one guy has made headlines after brilliantly setting his baby at ease by pretending to be his wife (the man’s wife, not the baby’s).

It’s no secret that babies usually prefer their mum – at least at first – given that, most of the time, they see them more often and generally, that’s where their food comes from.

So with that, when one father was looking after his baby alone, it wasn’t happy to be without its mum. Thinking on his feet, the dad whacked on a pair of his wife’s pyjamas and even had a mask of her face handy to trick the little sprog.


dad tricks baby with wife mask

The thing is, tricking his baby like this just so he could play on his phone isn’t the man’s first rodeo, as he’s been pictures doing all sorts to make sure he doesn’t actually have to make contact with the child.


He made a rocking chair powered by his foot while he lays down and games…

dad wears wifes pyjamas for baby


Then to add insult to injury, to make the baby think there was someone there – even though there was – the dad put a weighted glove on it whilst it slept.

father wears mother mask trick baby


Yeah, he could have used his actual hand but guess what? He was gaming.

I don’t think this guy likes his child. He just likes wearing his wife’s pyjamas.

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