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Daddy Dom/Little Girl Relationship On 'Extreme Love' Season 2 - Fans Are Outraged, Calling It The Oddest Sight They've Ever Seen


A lady who dresses in diapers, onesies, and other childlike apparel has explained how she developed a desire to wear and behave childlike while allowing her "Daddy" spouse to care for her and spank her when she's "bad." Michelle, 27, and Wade, 35, a married couple from Maryville, Tennessee, open up about their virtually full-time "Daddy Dom/Little Girl" relationship, or DDLG.

Michelle was wearing a onesie and smiling like a child while holding a stuffed toy
Michelle was wearing a onesie and smiling like a child while holding a stuffed toy

What Does DDLG Relationship Means?

The term "daddy dom/little girl," also known as "DDLG," refers to a sexual relationship in which a man assumes the role of father figure while a woman assumes the role of young girl.

Consider yourself to have encountered the most unusual partnership imaginable. Cross that out and reconsider, since Extreme Love Season 2 recently began and exposed us to three coupleswe never expected to meet. Especially when one stands out significantly from the rest.

We've seen individuals who have a fetish for feet or BDSM, and the list goes on. Despite this, during Friday night's premiere, we met a couple who live the DDLG (Daddy Dom/Little Girl) manner. Wade learned about his now-wife and little girl after they met online. Little Girl has always preferred to be the submissive partner, whereas he prefers to be the dominating partner.

Taking things a step further, this married pair lives the DDLG lifestyle 24 hours a day. His wife is constantly dressed in onesies and diapers and acts like a baby. She said that she enjoys it, as does he. Her age fluctuates between five and pre-adolescence, depending on her attitude. Though this has always been an interior activity, the couple has never gone out in public until recently, when it was disclosed during the program.

Michelle wearing a onesie and smiling like a child
Michelle wearing a onesie and smiling like a child

Wade/Daddy Dom treats her like a baby, bathes her, and punishes her when she does something he dislikes. This portrays him as a pedophile, which does not sit well with viewers who witnessed Friday night's season opener. Additionally, we learned that Wade has a teenage son from a previous marriage who appears to look up to him.

Wade claimed that he has been spanking and disciplining children since he was a small child and has determined that this is what he enjoys. He also has a sister, who arrived at the end to assist the pair in arranging a playdate. Even though she did not appear to be at ease sitting next to her sister-in-law behaving like a small child, she went along with it for the sake of her brother, knowing what he was up to.

Wade also stated that he takes the little girl with him when he travels for work and does not allow her to stay at home. After the program aired, people took to Twitter to express how weirdthis relationship is in comparison to the other two couples introduced. Additionally, they assert that this is Wade's method of being a legal pedophiliac.

My Wife Lives As A Child | EXTREME LOVE / WeTv

"Is it just me, or is the entire Daddy Dom situation more bizarre than the woman who adores flying? While I understand they are consenting adults, they have sexwith her acting like a five-year-old. That is not weird; that is simply messed up," as one fan put it.

"Therefore, Daddy Dom is sexually stimulating. Thus, he has figured out a legal means to commit pedophilia. That is correct. #extensiblelove," As one fan put it, While another individual shared, "#AbsoluteLove Daddy Dom's name should be added to the pedi watch list. How do we know this "fetish" will not develop into him attempting to sexually assault a real child? Something about him seems off... "

"#extremelove How is a five-year-old wearing diapers and drinking from a bottle and not in jail for pedophilia? He's just discovered a workaround, but you know he's got some victims someplace... AND HE HAS A CHILD, WHAT THE HELL," As one fan put it, Additionally, another wrote, "#ExtremeLove This Daddy Dom nonsense is nothing more than legal pedophilia... It's revolting, and she's merely a means to an end to his sick obsession, and it might quickly devolve into... I sincerely hope they never have children... Additionally, he appears to be abusive. Not a Dom? Wtf?"

The Bottom Line

Michelle explains that she has always 'had a childish side,' recalling how she played with stuffed animals until she graduated from high school.

'I just fell in love with it,' she says of acting like a little girl.

"Extreme Love" Season 2 airs exclusively on WeTV on Friday nights. Consult your local newspaper listings for additional information.

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