Dana White Speaks Out On Conor McGregor Being Charged For Punching Man In A Dublin Pub

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, World
Published 16.08.19

UFC fighter Conor McGregor faces charges for assaulting a man in a pub in Dublin, with Dana White commenting.

Conor McGregor seems to be one of the most polarising characters in sport, with people either adoring him, for some reason, or others thinking he’s one of the most infuriating men in the public eye with not a single shred of class.

I think you can tell which category I fall into.


With that in mind though, it seems a lot of people have switched from the former to the latter category, after shocking footage emerged showing “The Notorious” punching an elderly drinker in the face in a pub.

Though the CCTV footage was released yesterday by American celebrity news site TMZ, the incident actually took place in April in the Marble Arch boozer in Drimnagh, south Dublin.

Allegedly, McGregor came into the pub and ordered a bottle of his own Proper Twelve Whiskey. He then began to pour glasses for the punters, including one elderly man who had apparently already ordered his taxi home.


The man turned down the whiskey, supposedly saying “I don’t want to drink that sh*t,” which led to the fighter taking offence, leaving briefly to talk to others, soon coming back, having another heated discussion with the man, before punching him in the face.

The man, apparently unfazed, finished his pint and got in his taxi as McGregor was rushed away by his entourage.

As police feel they have enough evidence, the UFC fighter is due to be charged at the Dublin District Court. If convicted, he will be required to pay a fine for the offence.


With all of that in mind, UFC president Dana White has commented, telling The Jim Rome Show:

That happened in April. I knew that happened; they just got the video. It’s pretty bad.

“Not allegedly, it’s pretty clear [it’s him]. So, apparently this was in a pub in Ireland and it was an argument over whiskey. Conor has a whiskey now and it was an argument over the whiskey and Conor reaches out and hits him with a left hook.


“I don’t know the context of it. I don’t know the entire story, but he punches a guy, an older man, in the face.

“I knew that he had, had an altercation at a bar but I didn’t know with who or any of that, I didn’t know anything, I just knew it happened.

Fellow UFC competitor, Khabib Nurmagomedov, has also commented, saying that he believes McGregor should be imprisoned for the assault in a video interview with TMZ Sports…


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