Dateless Guy Takes Himself To Prom In Half A Dress And Half A Suit

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Published 03.05.19

One savvy teen decided to take himself to prom and the pictures are amazing.

I never got a date to my prom when I was 16. The ratio of boys and girls in my year was pretty far off perfect and even past that, I wasn’t cool or handsome enough.

That’s life, isn’t it? I learned my lesson and only six short years later, I’m considering talking to girls again. I’m growing up.


Wyatt Cheatle was in a similar position to me only the other day when a dateless prom was upon him. However rather than wallow in self-hatred like I did, he decided to have a laugh.


Taking himself as his own date, Wyatt took it one step further and decided to dress as both parties in a prom date. Ingeniously crossing a suit with a dress, he dressed half and half, with the help of his mother.


Wyatt, who attends Brighton High School in Rochester, New York, told the Democrat & Chronicle:

I decided to go myself, ’cause frankly it’s easier than finding out who’s going with who, or who’s not going. So I figured I’d be my own date, since I know myself better than any other person. I figured I’d have a good time.

We went to Goodwill and picked up a bunch of different dresses to see what we could put together at home, and a nice shirt and black pants. My mom’s a genius.


His mum, Kelly, helped with the project and shared the finished result to Reddit with the brilliant caption “My son’s date for the prom was all right”.


She explained on the post:

So my son was flying solo to the prom, and decided that he’d be his own date. One thing led to another and the week before the big event, he decided rather than going with a boring old suit, we’d split the difference and send him in a half suit/half-dress.

It’s a very strong look. Credit where it’s due to Wyatt and Kelly.

Images via Reddit