Dave Brings Random Fan On Stage At Glastonbury And He Absolutely Nails It

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Published 01.07.19

Dave brought out a fan from the Glastonbury crowd to perform his track ‘Thiago Silva’ and he absolutely nailed it.

For the first time in perhaps ever, Glasto wasn’t a complete washout ruined by reservoirs of filthy water and mud. Given how hot it’s been this weekend I’m not sure how people survived being stood there in the open sun all day, and God knows how they slept at night.

I’ve got a fan on me constantly in my room at the moment and even then I’m boiling.


By the looks of things on BBC Four, it looked like a cracking weekend, with incredible moments from the likes of Kylie, The Killers, and of course Stormzy, headlining in a Union Jack stab vest and taking the mick of out David Moyes.

And it seems the football references were aplenty during the festival, as rapper Dave performed his hit ‘Thiago Silva’ – a track by him and AJ Tracey.

For those of you who don’t know, Thiago Silva is a centre-half who plays for Brazil and Paris Saint Germain – great player albeit he’s wasted most of his career in a farmer’s league.

Why there’s a song about him, I don’t know, but there is, and one Glasto reveller – complete with PSG shirt and everything – was invited on stage to give it his best effort.


During his Sunday set on the Other Stage, Dave was looking for someone to help him perform the track, saying: ‘Who is sober enough to sing these lyrics along with me?

Alex then gets up on stage and absolutely nails it word for word. Check it out:

That’s too perfect – I feel like he must have been planted there. Either that or he’s genuinely a super fan and he’s just realised his dreams.

After the track finished, the crowd was chanting his name and Dave turned to Alex and said: “Wait there for me on the side of the stage. I’m gonna nick you.”


While the moment received a huge reaction among fans in attendance, it also received a huge reaction among fans too.

One Twitter user said: “Someone upload the clip of Alex killing it with Dave at Glastonbury right now please. Best moment of the whole festival.”

Another added: “Dave bringing out a spankered young lad named Alex to rap along to Thiago Silva is my highlight of Glastonbury so far.”

A third wrote: “Haha oh man that dude Alex on stage with Dave at Glastonbury, how u gonna top that experience for the rest of your life??”

And get this, the man him self, one Mr. Silva, even responded, tweeting his appreciation for the performance:


Dave seemed pretty happy with the acknowledgement:

There’s only one think for it now: Thiago Silva has to make some sort of appearance at a gig with Dave and Alex. PSG are going to wrap up Ligue 1 anyway, and they’re inevitably going to bottle it in the Champions League, so they may as well just start a super group.

I’d pay to see that.

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Did Dave bring out a fan at Glastonbury?

Yes, rapper Dave brought out fan Alex to sing their song Thiago Silva

Are you wondering ‘who is Thiago Silva?’

He’s a Brazilian football player who plays for Paris Saint Germain. And yeah, he’s pretty good.