David Attenborough’s New Netflix Nature Doc Is Here And It Looks Beautiful

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Netflix
Published 05.04.19

There is nary a doubt that David Attenborough is the grand daddy – nay – the king of documentaries.

We live in a time where everyone’s rushing to watch every single true-crime documentary possible, but every few years, Sir David Attenborough hits us with a beautiful and profound nature series and it always lends perspective.


There’s something about seeing him near sloths while his dulcet tones narrate every movement that simply can’t be paralleled.

I love that.

Well it looks like you have to clear you schedule, since the infallible man is back, but this time he’s on Netflix.

The new nature documentary, called Our Planet, is set to break the mould, using new technology – just like what the BBC’s Planet Earth and Planet Earth 2 pioneered –  filmed across over 50 countries, using 600 crew members.


Our Planet is out today – 5th April – on Netflix, and if you need convincing, here’s a few clips that Netflix have decided to share…

Well I know what I’m doing this weekend.

Images via BBC, Netflix