David Schwimmer Wants To Do ‘Celebrity Bake Off’

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Published 20.02.20

Friends star David Schwimmer wants to compete in the next Celebrity Bake Off series.

And yet he just stood back and allowed Rachel to make that god-awful English trifle…

Friends legend David Schwimmer recently told The Hook that he “would love” to compete in a future series of Channel 4’s The Great Stand Up To Cancer Bake Off.


During a recent interview to promote his new Sky comedy series Intelligence with Nick Mohammad, the 53-year-old actor said there were discussions about him joining the line-up for this year’s edition.

“I would go on to ‘Bake Off’,” he told The Hook. 

You know, I almost did [take part]. They do a celebrity one for charity and I almost did it this year, but at the last minute the schedule didn’t work.”

When asked if he would be up for strapping on an apron in 2021, he said:

“I would love to.”

What a star (baker).

And to be fair, there’s a good chance that Schwimmer would walk away from the experience with some serious Star Baker status, as the amateur baker seems to know his stuff.

Speaking about what his signature baking dish would be, he told us:


“Oh, I would make this triple layer, buttercream, chocolate coffee cake, that I’ve made before. It’s a dark chocolate coffee cake and I use fresh coffee.”

A slightly sexier departure from Rachel’s English trifle, for sure…

Schwimmer stars in new Sky comedy, Intelligence

Schwimmer has been in the UK this month promoting his new show Intelligence, alongside British comedian Nick Mohammed.

The brand-new workplace comedy is set in the UK’s GCHQ – “a kind of weedier, geekier version of MI5” – with David playing a pompous, maverick NSA agent called Jerry Bernstein who comes from the US to join the team.

Schwimmer told The Hook that his character is somewhat inspired by several notorious political figures.

When asked whether he took inspiration from Trump, he said:

“Absolutely. Types of people in power right now, for both our countries.

“What he (Jerry) lacks in intelligence and experience, he makes up for in confidence.


“And that is the deal right now with a lot of people in power.

“It’s also quite cathartic, for me as an actor, and for the show, I think, to poke fun at it.”

He really does, btw. We’ve seen a couple of eps and he’s not subtle about it, which of course, we love. 

Furthermore, when asked how sinking his teeth into a British show compares to working on American television shows, Schwimmer reveals its not as different as many would imagine.

He explained:

It (Intelligence) has been a totally ego-free environment, which is rare – it’s really rare.

“Again, it has to come from the top and trickle down. It’s the loveliest room to be in – every part of it has been a delight.

“I don’t really distinguish that much between American comedy and British comedy. I don’t see that much of a difference [with Intelligence] in terms of the humour.”

At least Jerry is an upfront a**e hole…


In addition to starring in Intelligence, Schwimmer is set to join the likes of Tom Hardy and Ewan McGregor by making a coveted appearance on CBeebies Bedtime Stories this Saturday.

It was announced this week that the Hollywood actor will read a story about two groups of aliens called “The Smeds” and “The Smoos”.


I have to say, I’m enjoying this resurgence of Schwimmer content on our screens – even if it’s not Friend’s related (oh, let it go, it was 16 years ago).

The poor guy must be so sick of hearing how much Ross still f**king sucks after all these years…

Watch Intelligence starring Nick Mohammed and David Schwimmer on Sky TV from Friday 21st February. 

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