Three-part true-crime drama Des, starring David Tennant, begins on ITV at 9pm this evening.

Des focuses on the serial killer Dennis Nilsen, played by Tennant, and will show how the ‘kindly killer’ was incarcerated while reflecting on their gruesome acts. The show will illustrate how the police dealt with the charging of Dennis Nilsen, who was one of the most prolific serial killers in the UK, after finding human remains at his home.

Nilsen was responsible for the killing of fifteen young men between the years of 1978 to 83 and as a result, viewers should prepare themselves for some dark and gruesome viewing when it premieres this evening.

Anticipation for the programme has built not only because of positive early reviews and the shocking subject matter but also because of Tennant’s interpretation of the serial killer.



The two episodes which follow the premiere will air on Wednesday and Thursday at 9 PM on ITV and of course, those who miss an episode will be able to catch up online via ITV Hub.

Let’s hope it’s as compelling as it sounds.