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Death Note - One Of The Best Anime Series That You Should Not Miss


The shounen series Death Note was produced by Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba.

It started as a manga serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump in 2003, and it has since been adapted into an American movie in 2017, a German audio drama in 2018, a live-action Japanese television series beginning in 2006, a musical in 2015, an anime series in 2006, and a musical.

Death Note anime series different characters
Death Note anime series different characters

Death Note Anime Story

Light Yagami, a brilliant young man who despises crime and corruption, is extremely intelligent.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/death-note/ by Kane Perkins on 2022-08-22T08:18:31.461Z

A mysterious notebook known as the "Death Note" that he finds on the ground causes a significant change in his life.

According to the instructions for the Death Note, if a human's name is written inside of it, that person will pass away.

Light initially doubts the Death Note's veracity, but after playing around with it, Light comes to believe it.

Light aspires to become "the God of the New World" by passing judgment on those he deems to be evil or who stand in his way after meeting the Shinigami who previously owned the Death Note, a Shinigami named Ryuk.

The ICPO and a mysterious detective only known as "L" start to worry when a lot of criminals die in mysterious ways.

L finds out right away that the murderer, known as Kira by the public, is in Japan.

L also realizes that Kira has the power to kill people without touching them.

A psychological "cat and mouse" game between Light and L starts when he realizes that L will be his greatest enemy.

Death Note Characters


Light, the main character in Death Note, is a brilliant but uninterested 17-year-old student.

He decides to use the Death Note that a Shinigami named Ryuk dropped in the human world to kill all criminals, earning the nickname Kira.

His ultimate objective is to rid the world of evil in order to establish a utopia, after which he intends to rule as the god of this new world.

L - The Main Antagonist

One of the show's main adversaries is L.

He is tasked with finding and apprehending Kira.

He is the best detective in the entire world. As a result, he is Light's most dangerous adversary.

L's First Scene | Death Note | Netflix India

Misa Amane

Misa is a well-known idol in Japan and has a huge crush on Kira.

She attempts to be cute by talking about herself in the third person, but she is immature.

Light has Misa's undivided attention, and she once remarked that she fell in love with him right away.


Mello was raised by Wammy's House, a shelter for gifted children, as an orphan.

Mello was a potential successor to L, just like Near was.


As the front-runner to succeed L, Near goes by the name N and uses that name when conducting his inquiries. He and L are similar in many ways.

Similar to how L plays with objects like forks and sugar cubes, Near is frequently seen playing with toys or his hair.

Teru Mikami

Light decides it is too dangerous for the Death Note to be near Misa or himself because they are currently being watched by Aizawa and Mogi, so Mikami is chosen as the fourth Kira.

Mikami is a prosecutor and a strong supporter of Kira. He has many of the same goals, views, and worries as Kira.

He is overjoyed to learn that Kira, his God, has chosen him, demonstrating that God is on his side and keeping an eye on him.

He is very loyal to Kira and thinks that the people need to be treated with divine justice.


A Shinigami threw a Death Note into the world of humans, which Light would later find.

Acting impulsively, Ryuk starts the Death Note story out of pure boredom.

In fact, Ryuk does not support Light and states during their first encounter that he will one day add Light's name to his own Death Note.

Ryuk often says no to Light's requests for help because he prefers to watch him struggle instead.

He often forgets to tell Light important things about the Death Note and instead does things to make himself happy and help himself.

But Ryuk will help Light if it helps him reach his own goals, like making him laugh or getting apples because he gets sick if he doesn't have any.

A creepy cartoon hand holding apple on a black background with some Japanese text written on it
A creepy cartoon hand holding apple on a black background with some Japanese text written on it


An individual who trades Misa for the Shinigami eyes after first giving her her Death Note.

Rem has two Death Notes, just like Ryuk, but she gives one of them to Misa Amane on purpose.

Best Moments

Light Bringing His Memories Back

Light is such a careful planner that he gives up his Death Note on his own and forgets what it knows.

And he had no doubt that the notebook would soon be returned to him.

He uses Higuchi, who is helpless, to carry out his plan, and Higuchi does what Light tells him to do.

Everything happens exactly as Light intends, despite the fact that he is unaware that he is Kira.

Higuchi is finally being taken into custody after causing chaos and acquiring Kira's abilities.

As soon as Soichiro Yagami touched the Death Note, he panicked upon seeing Rem.

Then, Light and L are seated in the helicopter, and Death Note is brought there.

L touches the Death Note, enabling him to see Ryuk as well. L quickly realizes that the game is still going on.

While L is busy thinking, Light gets the Death Note and brings back all of his memories of Kira.

You'll experience goosebumps because of how perfectly the scene is portrayed.

Mikami Writing Names In The Death Note

This scene has all the makings of a horror film. Mikami is shown to be a little crazy and crazy in love with his made-up god, "Kira."

After a long wait, Mikami finally enters the room and peeks around everyone in the hallway.

You will start shaking in your boots because this scene is so intense.

Mikami's red, evil eyes, the music and sound effects in the background, the way Light is referred to as "God," the quick camera movements, and not to mention Mikami's tagline, "Delete Delete Delete Delete," complete the scene.

Not only is it the best Death Note scene ever, but there has never been a more intense moment in anime.

When members of the task force see Mikami going completely crazy and writing their names in the Death Note in a crazy way, they start to worry.

Then, Near clarifies that there is no need to be concerned because he has changed the original Death Note.

When Mikami has finished writing all the names, he exhales with relief, believing that he has succeeded in saving his God, Light Yagami.

Disturbing Scenes

Light's Investigation Involving Prisoners

Even though Light Yagami's soul was doomed as soon as he opened the notebook, it was his testing of the death note's limits that led to his slow descent into madness.

Light didn't care about human morality at all. He used prisoners as test subjects to see how well he could do things.

Light's Response To His Father's Death

This scene hit viewers twice - during the scene itself and later when their suspicions were confirmed.

While breaking into Mello's lair, Light's father, Soichiro Yagami, struck a deal with Ryuk for the shinigami eyes.

His life was cut in half as a result, and he passed away.

Even though Light's reaction to his father's death seemed sincere, the audience found it hard to believe that the main character of Death Note could still feel real sadness or grief.

The second shock happened when Matsuda asked Light, who had just said he was Kira, why his father had died.

Light had to pause and consider his father before continuing that people like Soichiro Yagami always lost.

Light weeping over his father's body was an act, as evidenced by this, proving that the audience was right all along.

Top Shocking Scenes

Higuchi And Misa

Simple actions can make a scene unpleasant, and when Misa, whose memories had been wiped, went up to Kyosuke Higuchi to examine him, you saw how mean this Yotsuba worker could be.

At that point again, nobody perishes or is injured in situations like this.

Light's Conniving Hug

In the scary world of Death Note, even a simple hug can be a monster in disguise.

Light's address and personality are discovered by Misa, who invites herself into his home to meet him.

Sayu Yagami Kidnap

The story of Death Note comes to an end when Sayu Yagami is caught, and Mello has decided to get that notebook.

He then calls the new L's corporate office, explains the situation, and asks for the notepad over the phone.

A boy character from Death Note holding death note book
A boy character from Death Note holding death note book

Death Note Best Quotes

Because it appealed to the dark sensibilities of the Hot Topic/Monster Energy Drink generation, Death Note has been hailed for years as one of the greatest manga/anime ever, with all of its grim mystery.

This list will go over a few memorable quotes from the show that helped establish its tone.


The real evil is the power to kill people. Someone who finds himself with that power is cursed. No matter how you use it, anything obtained by killing people can never bring true happiness.

- Soichiro Yagami


Laws aren’t perfect, because humans who created laws aren’t perfect. It’s impossible to be perfect. However, the laws are evidence of the human struggle to be righteous.

- Soichiro Yagami


If Kira gets caught, he is evil. If Kira rules the world, he is justice.

- Light Yagami


In this world, there are very few people who actually trust each other.

- Light Yagami

Death Note Ending Explained

The dramatic conclusion in which Light dies serves as a poignant reminder that Ryuk, the bored Shinigami, used Light only as a tool in his sick game of violence.

Ryuk played a major role in both Light's ascent to power and his demise, and he is in no way a bystander to the chaos.

Ryuk simply started playing a game out of boredom and dropped the Death Note into the human world.

Even though he frequently visited Light right away, they never became close.

Even at the very end, Ryuk signs his name in the Death Note because he doesn't want to wait until he passes away naturally and is well aware that Light will be sent to prison.

Ryuk decides to put a stop to the madness and end it once and for all, after taking into account the rule of the book that the Shinigami must witness the death of a human who obtains ownership of the Death Note (unless the god of death dies first).

The poetic ending shows that Light was so caught up in his dreams of being great and powerful that he forgot about the people who made the rules in the first place.

Death Note IQ Levels

  • Light Yagami "Kira" / "2nd L": 09/10 - 210 IQ
  • "L" (Lawliet Lawford) / "Ryuuzaki": 10/10 - 240 IQ
  • "Mello" (Mihael Keehl): 07/10 - 178 IQ
  • "Near" (Nate Rivers) / "N": 08/10 - 195 IQ
  • Misa Amane "2nd Kira": 04/10 - 107 IQ
  • Teru Mikami: 07/10 - 170 IQ
  • Soichiro Yagami: 05/10 - 116 IQ
  • Touta Matsuda: 04/10 - 104 IQ
  • Shuichi Aizawa: 06/10 - 135 IQ
  • Kanzo Mogi: 05/10 - 112 IQ
  • Hideki Ide: 05/10 - 113 IQ
  • Hirokazu Ukita: 05/10 - 115 IQ
  • Sayu Yagami: 04/10 - 103 IQ
  • Sachiko Yagami: 04/10 - 102 IQ
  • Raye Penber: 05/10 - 118 IQ
  • Naomi Misora: 06/10 - 128 IQ
  • Kiyomi Takada: 06/10 - 125 IQ
  • Hitoshi Demegawa: 04/10 - 101 IQ
  • "Watari" (Wammy Quillsh): 07/10 - 160 IQ
  • "Matt" (Jeevas Mail): 06/10 - 133 IQ
  • "Aiber" (Morrello Tierry): 06/10 - 127 IQ
  • "Wedy" (Kenwood Merrie): 06/10 - 126 IQ
  • Kyosuke Higuchi: 06/10 - 139 IQ
  • Reiji Namikawa: 06/10 - 137 IQ
  • Takeshi Ooi: 06/10 - 135 IQ
  • Suguru Shimura: 06/10 - 130 IQ
  • Shingo Mido: 06/10 - 123 IQ
  • Masahiko Kida: 06/10 - 128 IQ
  • Eiichi Takahashi: 05/10 - 116 IQ
  • Arayoshi Hatori: 04/10 - 109 IQ
  • Anthony Carter: 05/10 - 114 IQ
  • Halle Lidner: 06/10 - 134 IQ
  • Stephen Loud: 06/10 - 131 IQ
  • Dwhite Gordon: 05/10 - 111 IQ
  • Kal Snyder: 04/10 - 105 IQ
  • Ryuk: 06/10 - 138 IQ

Note: Despite the fact that these are not the official intelligence punctuations for the characters, it is believed they are the most accurate.

Death Note Rules

The Death Notes' functioning is governed by the Death Note Rules.

Before releasing his second Death Note into the world, Ryuk writes down five of the rules so that whoever picks it up will be familiar with the fundamentals of using it.

Over the course of the series, more regulations are made clear.

  • The person whose name is on this note will perish.
  • If the name is not written with the person's face in mind, the note will not be effective. As a result, those with the same name won't be impacted.
  • Death with the specified cause will occur if the cause of death is written within the next 40 seconds of writing the person's name.
  • If no cause of death is given, a heart attack will be the only possible outcome.
  • The next six minutes and forty seconds should be spent writing the death's specifics after the cause of death has been noted.

Death Note Movie

The Death Note movie is also available. You can also watch it online.

Death Note | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

People Also Ask

Is Death Note A Good Anime?

Yes, it is a good anime. A fast-moving thriller with outstanding characters, profound themes, a ton of unanticipated turns, and fascinating wit battles. It deserves to be included on the list of the greatest anime of all time.

Is Death Note Inappropriate?

This mature Adult Swim anime series isn't meant for children, so parents need to be aware of that. It centers on a high schooler who turns into a serial killer. He justifies the killings as a means of establishing a world free of crime because all of his victims are criminals. Although they happen frequently, most deaths aren't particularly graphic.

Is Death Note A True Story?

Some have argued that Shigeru Mizuki's one-shot story, The Miraculous Notebook, which they first read in 2006, served as the inspiration for Death Note. One archeological evidence, on the other hand, suggests that "Death Note" might have been around in ancient China before Japanese comics were even made.


The Death Note series has received a great deal of praise and is still regarded as one of the best manga series ever produced.

There are more than 30 million copies of the twelve manga volumes in print.

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